Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Half-term Holidays

Scott had yesterday off work, and took all the kids to the driving range to smash golf balls around. I didn't do a whole lot - still felt sick - just got bits of ironing done etc.
Today I took the kids over to near Ely, to drop Lucy off at someone's house where she was meeting up with the Bleakleys, before going to London for Abigail's birthday. They are getting the train down today, doing some shopping and seeing Les Miserables tonight.
I took the boys into Ely after, and we had a nice little wander around, and play on the park. Jack found a £2 coin in the street, and Harry found a £1 coin, but lost it again (and was a total nuisance about it all the way home...) Stopped off at the library on the way home too, for Jack to get another massive pile of books. He is reading vast amounts at present!

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The Chattertons said...

I love Harry's expression in the last photo. Looks very excited about the baked good he's about to bite into. Hope you are feeling better.