Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A fairly quiet week last week.
I was meant to go with some friends to Stamford last Tuesday but couldn't because Jack's school was shut due to a water supply problem. Did a little bit more decorating, lots of laundry, had a meeting in Kettering on Thursday night, visited Anna's lovely new home one morning, and on Saturday Scott had to go to work (a Governor's away day), and the kids and I cleaned out some kitchen cupboards, made cards etc.
I went to Huntingdon Ward on Sunday for the first time this year, and also Robin, Niki, Adam and Emma came, and then came home with us for a really nice afternoon.

Harry is still mad on his Hot Wheels... (He says he LOVES this picture) My niece Emma in Harry's cap. She was entertaining us with her fab dancing!
In spite of a fairly quiet week I have still felt not great, and rather stressed.
I'd arranged to go to the cinema last night, and had to force myself to go, but did really enjoy it in the end - we watched the King's Speech.
Today I felt better than I have in absolutely ages - I decided to do no jobs (I'm fairly up to date on everything), and instead went out to a farm/tea room for a cooked breakfast, and two giant hot chocolates, with some other Mums. Came home, read my 'Country Living' magazine which came in the post, and tried on my new shoes which also arrived in the post. I then quilted in the sunshine, chatted with a friend on the phone, read some poetry, read the Ensign, and had a nap. We had pancakes after school (also made them for breakfast, and are having them again for tea! Jack took a pancake in his packed lunch, and Harry and Tom had the special pancake day school dinner. My kids seem to think that on Pancake day you only eat pancakes...)
So anyway, now I am feeling much less stressed. Hope it lasts!

A couple of quotes from Harry this week:

'Mum, for Lent can I give up school?'

'Oh yeah Dad - this is one of the rules I made up: Be Allergic to Satan!!'


The Chattertons said...

I'm really liking these posts with the pictures of the cards aligned so nicely.

Juli Poulton said...

So that was a quiet week!