Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mice, Soup, Bugsy, Chavs & Birthdays

This week has flown by...
On Wednesday while my friend Tracy was round, we successfully captured the mouse (named Frederick) whom I had spotted a day or so before in our living room. (Harry actually came and woke me up one morning to say he had seen a RAT in the dining room...) Very glad we didn't need to resort to instruments of death - rather just an icecrem tub, a piece of cardboard, and the field at the bottom of the garden.
On Wednesday evening, I was rushing out to the Relief Society birthday party at church, and finishing off the Leek & Potato soup I was taking with me. The lid was not on the mixer properly... what a Monumental Mess. Including all over me. I even got a blister on my ear from the boiling hot soup...
On Thursday it was Scott's 38th birthday, and I picked him up from work to take him out for lunch in a little Italian restaurant. Had a lovely time. We watched 'The Bucket List' in the evening - quite good. Told Scott he should make a bucket list too, now that he is getting on a bit.For three nights this week, Lucy performed in her school play Bugsy Malone, which she has been rehearsing for, for 6 months. I went to see it last night, and was very much entertained all evening! Lucy had a singing & dancing part, and also played the part of a gangster in a suit etc, though I have no picture of her in this role, because I didn't actually recognise her till she was walking off, even though it was a speaking part!! The kids had great fun in the 'splurge' scenes!! On Saturday, Harry went to a birthday party, and once back home again told me he'd won the cake decorating competition. I asked what he'd done, and he said he'd made his 'a chav cake' !!! This apparently entailed it having spiky hair. Harry seems to have a thing about Chavs at the moment. While we were going to the park the other week, he saw some boys coming out the park, and said dead loudly 'There're some chavs over there!' He also tells me that sometimes during school playtime, he and his friend Oliver 'just chav around...' Oh deary me.
Today we went to church in Kettering, as it was their ward conference. Scott and the kids came too. It was pretty packed in church, and we ended up with the 4 kids sitting on one side of the chapel, and Scott and I together on the other. The kids behaved very well, as far as I could see, so maybe we'll try that arrangement again sometime! I taught the older girls' class afterwards.
From Kettering we drove to Nottingham to get together with the whole family to celebrate all the March Birthdays. This week Katy, Robin and Adam also had birthdays, and Niki turned 30, whilst Mum turned 60!
Lots of Grandkids.Tom seemed to be getting either tickled, squeezed or stretched every time I looked at him... (and loving every second of it - when he could breathe!)I love this one of Lucy holding Amy. I think Lucy looks so grown-up and beautiful.
The house I grew up in!

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Kimara said...

What the heck is a Chav? I have never heard of it! Man your life if busy but full of love and laughter I see. Thanks for sharing