Monday, 20 September 2010

Week before last

The first week with all the kids at school was a bit quieter, with me just collecting Harry at lunchtimes. Harry went to a friend's house one day, and so I went to Scott's work at lunch, and we went out for a meal. Very nice! I told Scott we can do that every day when Harry is at school full time...
Lucy took this picture of me one day, because she said I looked very 'Mum'-like. On Saturday 11th September, we went to Lincolnshire to the Bleakleys, to celebrate Holly's 40th birthday, and have a house warming party. The kids played outside the whole time - jumping off the tree house onto the trampoline. (It's seems a lot higher when you're up there - I know because I tried it. Probably wouldn't do it again with a skirt on though.) Lucy and Abigail were happy to be re-united!
We all had a lovely time anyway - good food and good company.

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