Tuesday, 14 September 2010

We got back from France on Saturday 28th August, then on Sunday we went to church where Scott did a presentation, and gave a talk in Sacrament meeting (both of which I though were very good), and then on Bank Holiday Monday we all went to Nottingham to visit Robin & Niki in their new house, and see Grandma Asher.
We found out during our last week in France that Grandma has cancer, and that she won't be having any treatment for it. She and Mum and Dad actually think she may have had it for quite some time already, though the doctors never pursued things till now. In some ways I'm not sad, because I think Grandma is tired and fed up with not being able to do very much - and ready for what comes next. I just hope she doesn't have a long, drawn out, painful time.
My brother Robin, and Niki are so happy with their house. They are now living where Robin has always wanted to live, and are sorted out for school catchment areas, and the house is solid and has lots of lovely features (though they don't think the bright primary coloured carpets and walls are amongst them!!) I am really happy for them!
Lucy and I then headed to town to get school shoes and a few bits, and Scott took the boys to the cinema (thanks to Tesco clubcard points!)
We then visited Grandma. She wasn't doing too great - feeling sick because of some new medication she is on - not for cancer. I didn't like to leave her like that, but Uncle Ronnie was staying while Mum was in France for a bit.
We then had two days at home before the kids started returning to school. Harry was able to visit his new class - though was not impressed that he couldn't stay without me.
I had started feeling not too well on Sunday, and by Monday night was feeling pretty dreadful. Not sure what from really - an infection, or virus or something, but had a ridiculous fever and headache, and at one point was just crying because I was shaking so badly. I felt pretty much wiped for the rest of the week. I also got some stuff through from my half marathon organisers, saying that if you had had a fever or virus before the race, then don't run. I had been worried about the run, because I hadn't been training for a few weeks, so at least that took that out of my hands.
The house became a tip (hadn't even finished unpacking properly yet), and so before the kids went back to school, I had been chatting to my friend Juli on the phone and we were arguing about who's house was the messiest, and we decided to do some 'before and after' pictures for a laugh and put them on Facebook in the evening. It was great motivation, and kept making me laugh through the day as I was tidying! I also had a good sort out at the same time. I was totally done in by the end, but glad.
Some of the Before & After pictures:
(Still not finished decorating yet though...) Anyway, towards the weekend I was starting to feel better, and John persuaded me to go to Yorkshire for the weekend, to his parent's-in-law's who where holding a family reunion. And that little adventure I will save for another blog post...

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma, Helen. It's a rough old road. I hope the doctors can keep her comfortable. Thinking of you all. Lots of love xxx