Monday, 20 September 2010


On Saturday it was our turn to clean the chapel, along with the Conways and Willises. We took lunch with us, and as soon as we were done, headed to a country park that we'd not been to before. We were well impressed with the play park! We were so hoping Scott would fall in! I was all ready to capture it on camera...
Look at the cool climbing frame in the background!
The kids really enjoyed these water chutes.
We walked round one of the lakes and came across an assault course.
The kids did not exactly excel at the net scramble thing...
This was Harry's favourite bit.
Like this one I snapped of Lucy. She is looking really grown up.
I have a feeling we will be coming here again.


Mateo said...

Whoa. That park is very cool. Where is it?

The Chattertons said...

We second that commment. Do tell where this awesome park is please.