Saturday, 11 September 2010

Summer Holiday in Brittany (Fourth Week)

On Monday we loaded up some beach stuff and a picnic, and headed (thanks to my co-ordinates in the satnav) to 'the snorkeling beach'. Lucy spent most of the time in the water, and the boys pottered. I seems so easy on beaches here - I am more relaxed, because I can see the kids easily, as the beaches are less crowded, plus they wear life jackets, so I'm not watching them so anxiously every second.
Jack building his fort. Love this one of Jack and Tom! (With Suscinio Chateau in the background.)
On Tuesday we set out to explore part of the wood near our house that we haven't mapped before. We found a new way out the wood that took us through an old abandoned farmyard, and past these horses that the kids liked. Quite a long walk. Harry with our new neighbours' dog.
On Wednesday, Dad got up early and got these pictures of sunrise over Bel-Air.Also on Wednesday, the kids and I set out on another bike exploration. We followed one farm track that was on the map, but it kind of ran out.
We kept thinking the track might open up again, but it totally disappeared, and we were deep in a wood, which was definitely NOT good cycling terrain...
Harry and Tom were crying at some points - trying to push through brambles and over fallen trees etc! We got a bit lost but managed to retrace our steps after a while.
Resting in a glade after fighting our way out the undergrowth.
We carried on for miles after that, feeling very Famous Five-y!
Spot 4 kids!Hmmm... my four year old whizzing past on a motorbike... I was really looking forwards to Wednesday evening - driving on my own to the airport and picking up Scott. It didn't disappoint! I spent a wonderful hour and a half driving through the countryside - the evening was glorious, and I actually felt close to tears at the sheer beauty of some of the scenes I came across - an old church and village nestling in a valley, the flowers and fields, a sparkling lake - all bathed in warm evening sunlight, and later on a gorgeous red sunset.
I got the airport at 10pm, when Scott's flight was due in, and he came through the arrivals door at about 10.05pm! It was so good to see him, and have a kiss in the arrivals hall, followed by catching up on all the news on the drive home. While he had been home, he had been asked by the Governors where he works to do his boss' job when she leaves, as a stand in till a replacement can start. Scott doesn't want to apply for the job himself, but is happy to fill in (and also be on higher wage for that time period!)
Thursday. Harry playing happily... in his cream coloured shorts!Scott bought a bike ramp out to France as well...Harry and Tom were doing great considering they haven't been riding long.Scott was lucky not to have broken anything - he hit the ground pretty hard on one occasion...
The lane, and entrance to the front garden.
Front of ours, and Mum and Dad's bit of the house. Our living room.
The kids helping to move some containers of sand and gravel. Friday. Spot Jack in the tree.On Saturday (24th August) we pottered around in the morning, then decided to go to Mont St. Michel. It's about a 2 hour drive from Bel-Air. It is always a wonderful place to go and wander around!I love the lines and colours in the sand, spreading out for miles. I wish I could paint it. And of course, we had to take a photo of the kids in our favourite cubby hole! This is a picture of the kids and Scott in exactly the same cubby hole, that I took in August 2007!What a place.
A Sunday afternoon stroll through our favourite wood!

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