Monday, 6 September 2010

Summer Holiday in Brittany (First Week)

Well the thing I was most worried about - driving to France, went off without a hitch, and I am in love with my satnav, and feel like the world is my oyster!
The 3 boys and I set off on Sunday 25th July, and I drove Scott's car.
We were delayed at the Euro tunnel for ages - some signal problem, but it didn't seem too arduous - here are the boys having a picnic in the car park. We did a total of 9 hours driving, and took almost exactly 12 hours door to door.
I especially loved driving on the French motorways - sometimes there was not another car in sight. I soon had the boys saying things like 'Hmmm, how dare there be another car on our motorway?'Here are the boys on our one stop-off of the entire 6 hour drive from Calais to Brittany. They did amazingly well, and behaved superbly.
We drove the last 20 minutes of the way to the house, by a route we've never taken before, and it was magical... the sun was just setting and putting a warm red glow on everything. We saw no other cars and no people anywhere - just drove along tree lined lanes and through exquisitely gorgeous old stone villages, with bright geraniums everywhere. Even the boys were affected by it - drinking it all in and just being happy. When we arrived, Dad was just showing our new French neighbours around our house, and I was immediately thrust into speaking lots of French! It was great - they are a really nice young couple, who speak a little bit of English, but not enough that you feel daft for giving your French a go!
On our first full day in France, Dad called the boys to say that the field at the end of the lane was being cut by a combine. While they watched it, Dad showed them how to rub the wheat, to separate the chaff from the wheat seeds, then blow off the chaff.

The same combine then came down the lane, and did the field next to Bel-Air.
It made me happy to see Jack sitting there, whittling a stick with his pen knife - it seems such a wholesome, good old-fashioned activity! It was also good to watch Tom and Harry racing the combine down the lane!
The next day, Jack and Tom cleaned the roof of the existing shed ready for a new adjoining roof.Harry on the shed roof showing me his colouring of a combine harvester, The first week we were there, Dad worked on building John's and my joint shed. I like how he fits in old pieces of stone, which he leaves sticking out when the shed is later rendered.
The week before we arrived, Dad built a dormer window, complete with wonderful window seats, into the kids bunk room. It totally changes the room - it's great!
No holiday at Bel-Air could be complete without a go-kart ride from Grandad!We went down to Josselin one day with Dad, while he launched 'Why Worry' for the first time this year, then we took a trip up the river. Josselin, looking as fine as ever!
Warning: 7 year old at the wheel... Harry watching the hay baler, back at Bel-Air.
The next day we went out to play on the bales!
Dad doing the counting for hide and seek (which the boys are totally rubbish at - no concept of keeping quiet during the game!) I love this one of Harry, just contentedly doing his colouring.


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Your photos are wonderful!!!

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Can't wait for the next installment, Helen! x