Saturday, 18 September 2010

Harry's First Day at School

The 6th September was Harry's first official day at school. He was quite happy to go, and I was quite happy to have him go! He has had two full years at playgroup, and is very ready for school now, I think. Of everything, this first picture below makes me the saddest - his little hands clutching his P.E. kit, and his tiny school uniform - he looks so young!
He is also a holy terror at times though, and I have long looked forwards to this day! (Sadly I didn't get to enjoy my freedom as much as anticipated... went back to bed feeling awful - developed a rotton cold and chest infection over the next few days - thanks to me freezing in the tent! My half marathon set for Sunday 12th Sept. was most definitely off the agenda...)Tom and Harry waiting while I put my shoes on. (All my kids are always ready well before me.)Having a little chat.
Harry was pretty eager.
I finally had a play with my Photoshop Elements! I really need to sit down and study it properly some time. I like this picture though. I love it that they hold hands.
The boys looking slightly more reluctant to go to school, here. (No idea what they were actually doing...)And Harry looking deceivingly angelic! (Though that is a bit unfair of me - he is often a wonderfully sweet child too... him stroking my face and kissing my cheeks and forehead is one of my most favourite things in the world...) He is only doing half days for the first 3 weeks.
I picked him up after his first morning, and the only information I got was that his Year 6 reading friend is a girl... but that she is nice. (Every new child is assigned an older child to help them when they first get into school each day - choose a book etc. - it's really nice - they do this for a whole year.) Harry seems pretty happy anyway, and talks about who's house he can go round to play with from his class, more than anything else. I think he likes school!

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