Friday, 17 September 2010

A Trip to Yorkshire

Well two weekends ago, I headed up to Yorkshire with the kids (Scott didn't come - couldn't really miss church again in our ward) and a car full of stuff. We left on Friday evening, and went to my sister-in-law Hannah's parent's house. They were having a family reunion, and Eve & Isaac Ashworth and boys (who we stayed with when we were stuck in America) were coming too, and I was keen to see them again.
We put our tent up on the front lawn at about 10pm - thankfully my brother John got an extension cable and a standard lamp from the house, so we could sort of see what we were doing... got our lilos blown up and everything ship shape!
Had a nice time chatting with everyone, and got myself and the kids to bed at about midnight - John had decided to put up a tent too, (it looked like it would sleep about 50 people!), for him and all the older boys, including Jack.
Oh my goodness - I've had worse nights, but I'd have to go back 20-odd years!! The church bells play a tune every hour through the night, plus mark the half hour, and I was freezing. The kids had their quilts and sleeping bags so were fine, but I just had a sleeping bag. I could just feel myself getting ill again.
I had bought my camping stove and stuff for a cooked breakfast, but we were invited to eat with the Smiths and had a huge breakfast with everyone else.
The boys playing football.
Lucy, with the very high up tree house.
Lucy and I took a walk into town in the morning, and met up with Hannah and lots of the rest of her family.
John playing Catan... again.
Everyone at the reunion. (I pinched this picture from Eve, but did take it!) My sister-in-law is one of 11 kids, and they also have lots of cousins - Eve being one of them.
We all headed across the fields and had a picnic.
I especially liked meeting one of Hannah's cousins, Ellie. We chatted a bit and got on well.
We played with the parachute, played a game of (sort of) rounders, frisbee, and watched some brilliant model helicopters and aeroplanes.
Lucy playing Cat & Mouse with Lydia underneath!
Took Harry for a walk around the trees for a bit to calm him down. He got upset - not coping very well with the late night.
Harry and John watching the model helicopter. Enjoyed chatting with John on the walk back.
That evening was interesting!
Everyone went to a concert that Hannah's Dad was part of organising - with Rick Astley, Bananarama, E17 etc! while Hannah's sister, Leah and I looked after various kids that were staying there. We cleared up, made tea for everyone, then Leah got the baby to sleep, and I tried to get all the kids ready for bed. By the time we were done, it was dark, and we still had to get the chickens in their coop. Leah and I wandered round everywhere (and it's not a small garden, and has woody bits!) with torches trying to find them, with no luck, and Jack and a new friend he made, were looking for them too, and got lost themselves... Anyway, we eventually got everyone to sleep, Helen (Leah's Mum) popped back for a bit, and said the chickens were already in their coop - in a bit we couldn't see, and then Leah and I had a really nice time chatting about all sorts of stuff, over hot chocolate. I've never really spoken to her before, and I'm glad we had the chance to babysit and get to know each other better!
Some of the kids watching a film before bed.
Good morning campers!
Had a much better sleep on night #2... extra blanket and sleeping in a hoodie helped! (Plus total exhaustion...)
On Sunday we all went to church (it's great because the Smith's live in walking distance from the chapel!), then afterwards got things ready for an engagement party feast. (For another of Hannah's cousins.) While we were waiting for some guests to arrive, we had a sing-song in the music room, and listened to some fab musical items by various talented members of the family.(I pinched this picture from Eve!)
Some of the boys hanging out, playing Catan.
Harry and one of his new buddies.
I did the packing in easy bits throughout the afternoon, and Lucy, and Hannah's brother Simon helped me take down the tent. We then headed off home so the kids could get to bed at a decent time, loaded up with salmon sandwiches and cupcakes from Helen, Hannah's Mum. Really enjoyed the day, and had fun being temporarily adopted into the Smith family!

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