Monday, 6 January 2014

Snowdon (27th December 2013)

On December 27th, we had a lovely lazy lie-in, but by 10.30am I still hadn't heard from Scott's hotel room (which considering we had all the breakfast food in my room, was slightly unusual!) Anyway, it turned out that Harry had started feeling ill last night, and then been sick ten times through the night, so they didn't get much sleep! Poor Harry. (And Scott and Jack.)
I had all the kids in my room for a few hours then, and everyone was perfectly happy just watching telly and reading, and Harry wasn't sick any more. It looked horrible outside as well - really windy. In the afternoon we decided we should probably get out and at least go to one place - either go round the inside of Caernarfon Castle, go back and explore Anglesey a bit more, or go to Snowdon. The kids wanted to do Snowdon, so we took the scenic route there...
We parked at the Pyg Track car park, by about 2.30pm, and just decided to walk for a bit and see how Harry felt.
It was lovely being out in the mountains with the lovely views, and it didn't seem too cold or windy. The kids were happy, running ahead.
We went about a third the way up Snowdon, but the light was starting to fade, so I thought we'd better head back.
We all saw the second Hobbit film at the beginning of the Christmas holidays, and I felt like I was in the film, with this kind of scenery!
Jack trying to catch sheep...
We then went back to the hotel, having really enjoyed ourselves, then went along to the Little Chef restaurant for tea. They had Wifi there, so we all spent a bit of time catching up with things. Another nice chilled out evening.

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Beautiful photos!!!