Saturday, 4 January 2014

Christmas Day 2013

We told the kids they could get up no earlier than 5am on Christmas day to open their stockings, and Mum and Dad couldn't be persuaded to come any earlier than 8am for the main present opening!
Dad read us a testimony from a local ward newsletter, which was lovely, then Harry read us a scripture from Isaiah, which he had read out in Sacrament Meeting at church the week before.
Amy opening the first present.
Tom with his new 'Wreck this Journal' - a fun book that gets people to be really creative in slightly more unusual ways...
Mum trying to get into one of John's impossible-to-open presents!
Dan got a new wrench for Christmas, which he used to demonstrate how he will do eye surgery, on Jack! (It's only slightly scary that Dan is actually allowed to do real eye surgery on people!)
In Poundland the day before, we had bought a cat toy on a string and stick, for Bobbie... she loved it and spent ages playing with it!
Dad, being the Master of Ceremonies
Harry in his new onesie, with a massive pile of lego. (Things have got recycled quite well this Christmas... Jack wanted a new iPod Touch, so he sold his old one to Tom, and he sold lots of his old Lego sets to us to give to Harry... everyone happy!)
Amy helping Bobbie on with her new matching slippers.
Scott with one of his new self-adhesive moustaches - a gift from Lucy!
We thought the moustache made Lucy look like the Lorax, from a Dr. Seuss book...
The happy aftermath!
The weather was lovely on Christmas Day, and it was great to be able to see the Temple spire from the living room window.
Bobbie showing me her Hello Kitty Pez!
The boys all using chocolate straws, which they got in their stockings.
Dan is studying for another big exam in January.
Serious playing being done.
Later on we went for a walk, past the back of the house we are staying in, round onto the main road, then back up through the Temple grounds.
Playing Settlers of Catan on Scott's iPad. We did bring the board game, but apparently not with all the necessary playing pieces!
Christmas dinner was at 4pm, and at 3.30pm we made our way down to Mum and Dad's flat. Christmas dinner was being held in the lounge of their building, along with other Temple missionaries who had not gone away over Christmas.
In the lift to Mum and Dad's!
We then had a little dancing session, accompanied by Dad on the piano accordion.
Of his own accord, Harry had made this poem for Mum and Dad for Christmas:

B efore I had some lemon curd
I heard a bird
R unning towards it it didn't fly off
D id I hear it cough?

He is still big on birds at the moment, and while perhaps not the best poetry known to man, I'm so glad he is being creative!!
We then went down, and everyone had bought something to contribute to the meal. It was gorgeous!! I loved the American influence too, and had my first Christmas Day sweet yam dish along with turkey, roast beef, and a million kinds of vegetables.
Everyone having Christmas dinner!!
Mum and Dad
I though it only right to give it my best shot to have one of each of the desserts. (There were about 5 more as well). I got totally stuffed... that home made Pecan Pie was the best thing ever, and I was disappointed not to have any room left for seconds. Mum did find out who made it though, and got the recipe for me!
Scott and Dan relaxing.
The kids did pretty well clearing up all the candy canes and Lindor chocolate from everyone's tables afterwards!
On the way out, while I was still on the balcony over the stairwell, the kids tried to be candy canes while I took pictures. Bobbie kind of got the idea!
We had another stroll round the grounds afterwards, then headed home.
After the younger kids were in bed, we watched the Downton Abbey Christmas Special (though Dan read a Calvin and Hobbes book which I got from a charity shop for 95p), then spent another night staying up very late talking and laughing with Katy and Dan. I think our average bedtime this holiday was about 1am!
A thoroughly enjoyable Christmas!!

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