Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve was a wonderfully lazy day - a complete (and well needed) break. More TV watching!
Dad came over in the morning to make us all cooked breakfast! He and Mum had bought all the food and everything needed for the whole time, and took care of it all. It was just so good of them!
Bobbie showing Harry her sheep outfit!
I love this picture of Dad and Harry.
Mum was busy working on a little cardigan for one for John's twins.
Meanwhile, Dad was teaching Harry some tricks.
Later on in the morning we ventured out for a walk round the Temple and Stake Centre grounds.
Amy in her excellent socks and boots.
The Preston Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Walking down towards the Missionary Training Centre.
Cousins in front of the Nativity.
I thought Scott's hair looked a bit wild in this picture, then realised it was a tree!
Harry not looking very impressed outside the Missionary Training Centre. (He seems keen to go on a mission though!)
Katy and Bobbie at the bottom on the little lane to 'our' house.
In the afternoon, Scott and Dad took Jack and Tom to Blackpool, where they watched the crazy waves, and bought disgusting flavoured rock. Katy drove Lucy and I into Chorley to do some last minute gift buying. We passed this post box painted gold in honour of Bradley Wiggins winning a gold medal in 2012. (While we were having this picture taken, a bunch of guys in a passing car opened a door and shouted abuse at us!!!)
We had a brilliant time in Chorley, exploring all the cheapy shops and charity shops, and buying wondrous stocking fillers for Scott and Dan!
Back home we had another great dinner of Funeral Potatoes and gammon etc and Christmas cake. I had bought a pack of cocktail umbrellas in Poundland, so we had quite an exotic, Caribbean-feel meal!
Even the beans got an umbrella! (Bobbie stuck hers in the spout of her cup!)
In the evening, we went for another walk around the grounds. All our shoes by the front door.
The Temple is beautiful by night.
Katy had bought our Elf on the Shelf with us... 
Bad Lucy! Serves her right if she got donkey ears!
I read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' to all the kids from Katy's special pop-up book, then Amy and Bobbie hung stockings, put out carrots for the reindeer and stuff for Santa, then went to bed. We had forgotten to bring our stockings, but luckily the Murrays had five spare ones lying around, and Lucy improvised one for herself by tying the arms of her Christmas jumper together!
Then we put all the presents under the tree! Katy and I were so excited to do it!
The kids then had to sleep in the same room as all their Christmas presents! Mean! I sneaked in later when they were asleep and filled the stockings.

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