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Nottingham - 28th & 29th December 2013

On the 28th, we packed up the car (again!) and left the Travelodge in Bangor at about 10am, and drove the three or so hours to Nottingham. We planned to spend some time with my brother Robin and his family, while using Mum and Dad's empty house. We picked up the house keys from Robin and then went to Mum and Dad's to start getting the place warmed up a bit. IT WAS FREEZING. 
Scott went with Robin in the afternoon to go and look at a car to buy, and I took the kids for a walk up to the Avenue to do a bit of shopping. 
Robin's Mondeo Estate had completely died, and he was borrowing a work car, but was getting a bit desperate to find a good new one. He didn't end up buying the one they went to look at though.
In the evening we went over to Robin and Niki's and had another present opening time! Niki had cooked us a gorgeous, massive lasagne for tea, and we had a great time.  
Later on when the kids were in bed, Lucy babysat, and Scott and I picked up Niki and we went to Asda to get some bits for a buffet lunch the next day. Niki and I had a super time looking at all the sale stuff in great detail, while Scott waited patiently!

After a cold night (the heating had as yet made very little impact on Mum and Dad's house!) we went to church in Nottingham 1st Ward. I wanted to visit Aunt Dot, who I thought would still be in hospital following an operation this week, and was going to ask her family at church about visiting times. Elardo, her husband, greeted us at the door though, and said that Aunt Dot was at church!! I couldn't be more happy to see her! She's not my real Aunt, and is one of the best people I know in the world - always happy and kind. She's had cancer for about 13 years now, and has just been amazing.
She left after Sacrament meeting, and I got a bit upset, as possibly it will be the last time I see her. They aren't going to be treating her cancer any more, as it has spread too far.
It was also lovely to see lots of other people I don't see very often. (At least Facebook lets me keep up-to-date a bit better with some of them now!)
After church everyone came back to Mum and Dad's and we had a lovely big buffet lunch, which Niki organised. It was nice just hanging out and chatting, and the kids all played nicely. 
Heidi on Lucy's lap.
 Not sure what Scott and Robin were laughing at!
We planned to go home later that day, but then Robin found a car he wanted to go and see about an hour away the next morning, so we stayed another night (not quite so cold... heating finally starting to take effect!) so that Scott could drive them out to it. The kids and I had a lovely chilled out morning, and gradually packed and cleaned up, and happily Robin bought the car (another silver Mondeo Estate!)
Back at home we then spent another cold evening while our house warmed up after a week away, but it was nice to be home! Tom especially was happy because the camera he had ordered with his birthday money had arrived!

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