Thursday, 9 January 2014

Rest of the Christmas Holidays

On New Year's day I pretty much spent most the day in bed, feeling rubbish with a new cold. The kids were all happy just playing and being at home, so it wan't a problem. Scott did very little too, but had to go back to work on Thursday 2nd. 
Also that week I made a few cards with my new things, and we took all the decorations down, and gave the place a thorough dust! Phew!! Nothing nicer than de-cluttering the place!

On Friday 3rd, Harry rubbed out the 'Christmas List' which Lucy had put on the chalk board, and made his own list: Snow ball fite, Snow Angles (Angels!) and Snow Men. He is impatient for some snow, and has commented on the lack of it a few times.
Harry's been playing with Lego a lot, and also on the 3rd, he built this bank vault, with lots of treasure in, and some red laser security light-beam things, guards and a thumbprint pad. He had asked for some Lego gems for Christmas, and has enjoyed them!
The boys have been enjoying technology too - Jack on his new iPod Touch, Tom on Jack's old iPod, and that has meant that Harry can play 'Clash of Clans' on Scott's iPad, now that Tom's account isn't on there any more! I also bought Harry some Bear Grylls (explorer/survivalist) DVD's for Christmas, and a series on Mountain Climbing - all of which he has loved.
We had a fairly quiet weekend too, which was needed, as a few of us weren't feeling great. I've not been able to sleep a lot in the nights, with sore throat, painful sinuses, coughing etc, and so have been pretty tired. Lucy felt rough too, and got so fed up of blowing her nose on Sunday that she just sello-taped some kitchen roll to her head!
Monday 6th was the last day of the holidays for all the kids. When I came down in the morning, Harry and Tom had built this 'toy car art' in the living room. I love it!
Lucy helping to show it to scale... whilst eating some Blondies she had made.
I then drove Lucy and five school friends the half hour to the ice skating rink, and was talked nearly to death by one of her friends, Dan!
We had a nice last day. Tom spent some time at his friend William's house, and we had my nephew Ethan come over and play for a bit. For once, I wasn't all that eager to pack the kids off back to school!

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