Tuesday, 21 February 2012

End Jan / Beginning of Feb

Towards the end of January, on 25th, we all went to the dentist. Scott went in last, and afterwards said that the dentist told him how well mannered and well behaved our children were! I was probably more pleased about that than the fact everyone's teeth are fine. I think this is the first time Harry has had his teeth looked at without a major fuss. Hurray!

This is Harry's bed after I told him to 'go and hang your school uniform up' one day... Not quite what I had in mind.
I enjoyed book club at Katy Turner's on 25th too - Anna gave me a lift, and there was a great turn out and great refreshments. The next night I went to Susannah's house for a pampered Chef Party.

On the weekend of 28th and 29th, it was Stake Conference. I travelled with Mick and Jo on the Saturday night, and we went out with quite a few other friends for a meal beforehand. I got a lot form the talks, then it was good to chat with people afterwards. Hannah's Mum and Dad and some family were there too.
On the Sunday it was really good to see Clive and Catherine Jolliffe again after their time as Mission President and wife in New Zealand. I also thoroughly enjoyed their talks too.

At the beginning of February, we changed some of the furniture around in the house. We had been looking at a house for sale nearby, and were seriously considering the idea of moving. Scott worked through all the figures, but we ended up feeling unhappy about the debt we would take on, which would be fine for now, but maybe not in the future. So we had a change around, and had a good look at house ideas on Pinterest, and decided we would like to pursue some ideas - possibly a conservatory and extension.
Anyway, I'm happy that I have a sewing space again - I pinched the desk I used to have as a teenager, back from Jack, and we finally put away the 'temporary' plastic table!
On Friday 3rd, I had a lovely evening with some of the school Mums. Ruth Gooch invited us over for dinner, and her husband Toby cooked for us. It was just such a nice evening - good food and conversation.

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