Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Snow and Bobbie's Blessing

Sunday 5th February was quite an eventful day! 
It had started snowing the night before (had my first snowball fight of the year with Lucy and Peter Waters, as they were dropping her off after an evening at the Wades house!) In the morning we had about 4 inches, and the kids went out for a quick play in the back garden. We had to set off by 8.30am though to travel to Lincoln for church, where Katy and Dan's baby Roberta was being blessed.
The roads were not too bad, and once on the motorway they were pretty much clear.
At church we enjoyed hearing Dan give the blessing, and it was great seeing all the family! All of us siblings were there and Mum and Dad. After church, a friend took some photos of the whole family in the snow, and naturally after that we had a massive snowball fight! Fabulous fun!!
We went back to Katy and Dan's afterwards. Here is my lot looking like a right rabble!
Good grub!
I had a nice time chatting to Katy's friend, Carrie-Anne, who made this super cake. She has started her own business, and I enjoyed picking her brains about different cake making stuff.
Later on some of us went for a walk around Lincoln. It was absolutely beautiful in the snow. It felt really magical.
The archway over the road is Roman.
The moon over Lincoln Cathedral.
We played in the front of the Cathedral for a while - I love how the spot lights lit up the snowballs!
Lucy and I as giant shadows.
At church, Scott had got a message to say that the Fireside in Northampton that night which I was going to, had been cancelled because of the snow. I was disappointed to miss it, especially as the roads seemed OK, but it meant we got to spend longer at Katy and Dan's, which I really enjoyed.

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