Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tom and Harry

On Wednesday 8th February, I went to Kettering in the evening for a meeting with the Young Women Committee, which I felt was very productive.

The next day I went to Tom and Harry's Parents' Evenings. 
Harry's teacher said I am to tell him he is doing very well. She said he is still very talented in his artwork, and that this has spread to his computer skills, with him doing beautiful drawings on there too. She was surprised to hear that he doesn't really go on the computer at home. His reading and work is fine, though he sometimes gets silly, and is a bit led by others in the class when they are being silly. She says he does try to listen to her though.
Tom's teacher said that he is working at a very high level, and she has used his work as an example. She said he is also a lovely boy, and a role model to the other pupils. She said she will listen out for the name of Tom in the future, and be able to say 'I taught him'. I asked if his homework with still OK, because I have no input into it whatsoever, and she said it is fine, and that I should just carry on doing what I am doing.
So, we were pretty proud of them both.

On Friday 10th, it a was non-school uniform day for Harry and Tom, and we woke up to snow, and had a lovely time walking to school in it.
 The boys checking out some animal prints.
 The boys with Ethan, their friend from down the road.
The next morning there was an amazing frost on everything, which had formed into tiny feathers. The trees all were beautiful.

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