Monday, 27 February 2012

The last week

I think everyone was ready for the start of school, including me, and I enjoyed a fairly quiet week. 
Scott has been pretty busy with work though - he has been overseeing the production of an advert which he commissioned a film company to make for the college, amongst other things. He was also 'quoted' in the local paper this week, for something to do a free transport scheme he has come up with. 

Went to March for Visiting Teaching on Tuesday, and we had pancakes for tea as it was Pancake Day. In the evening I went with Lucy to the 'New Beginnings' Evening at church, where we not very successfully released a fire lantern (It was rather windy, and just blew into the car park!)
I spent an unexpected day with my friend Donna on Wednesday - went and got a cooked breakfast, and had a good talking session.
On Thursday I went with Jo on the guided bus for an unplanned day to Cambridge, and we did some clothes shopping and had lunch. I've been selling a load of stuff on ebay in the past few weeks, and didn't mind spending some money.
Harry made himself this chart recently. I hadn't suggested he do it or anything, nor said anything in particular about his eating, so it was quite funny that he came up with it by himself.
On Friday 24th, it was very nice, as Harry asked me what I wanted for breakfast (Shredded Wheat), and when I came downstairs, he had layed this out for me!
Also on Friday I felt a bit guilty as I was invited out for another unplanned lunch with Zoe and Rachel from school!
In the evening, we had quite an eventful time. Harry and Tom went to their school discos, and Lucy, Jack and I went first to pick up the three Amos kids, then to Northampton for our first official Youth Choir practise. I was a bit worried about how it would go, but it turned out great! There wasn't too bad a turn out, and I think we all really enjoyed learning the songs. We have a proper choir leader and pianist, and so I got to be in the choir.
On the drive home, we had got about 5 minutes out of Northampton when the car lost all power and just stopped on the dual carriage way. I got everyone out, and put all the car lights on so it would be visible, then put out our emergency triangle, and rang Scott to check on our breakdown cover. I was told the breakdown truck would be about an hour coming, so we got our emergency blanket and torch out, and made ourselves comfy in a kind of prickly ditch as far from the roadside as possible. I started to worry a bit when the battery began to die on the car and its lights faded. We were on a very dark, and busy bit of road. I attached my florescent jacket to the back of the car to try and make it it a bit more visible, but luckily just then a Police car stopped behind us, and not long after that our breakdown truck turned up. The guy just loaded the car on the truck then drove to a safer lay-by to take a look at it. He thought it was something to do with the alternator, and ended up driving us all the way back home to our local garage. He was a nice guy and we chatted all the way back, and he dropped us at the end of our road after dropping the car off. Daniel Amos came and picked up his kids from the garage. As we were walking home, Lucy said she hadn't imagined that we would be walked down the road after midnight! It all felt like quite an adventure, and I was pleased to have got use out of our emergency car stuff!

We had a lovely lazy Saturday, making cards and soup and freshly ground wholewheat bread with the kids...
We had a tea party, with peppermint tea in my mismatched teapot. Lovely!
In the evening, we left Lucy to babysit for the first time properly, while Scott and I went back to Northampton for a church dinner and dance. It's not really Scott's thing, but we enjoyed chatting with friends, and a hog-roast, and a couple of slow dances. Clare Garrick got me up to dance at one point, then the DJ announced that the next song was for Helen Cryer, and played 'Dancing Queen'. How embarrassing having everyone looking at me while I had to dance to it!! Thanks for that Clare!
We got back at about midnight, and all was well with the kids. We'd already got Harry to bed before we left and the others just went to bed as normal.

We all went to church in Huntingdon yesterday - Scott getting a lift with the Hubbards, so the rest of us could fit in Scott's car. I had a long and useful meeting with David Cain, and Jack got 'set apart' by Bishop for his first ever calling as Deacon Quorum President. I was also informed that Scott has volunteered me and him to be in a Dragon Boat racing team in the summer along with some others from church, for a charity thing!

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