Monday, 23 January 2012


Just before Christmas I discovered a new interest, called Pinterest...
Ooooo - so much loveliness! Basically lots of photos of all sorts of things - wonderful places, foods, craft ideas, house ideas etc etc. I have always kept photo files of ideas on my computer, but this is a much easier way to tranfer and store pictures for later use and inspiration.
I had saved this picture I came across on Pinterest, and shown it to Harry:
Harry asked if we had any of the white tape, and a short while later our living room looked like this:
It's actually looked like this for about a week now (with the addition of lots more Playmobil and Hot Wheels cars...) I'm wondering just how long it will be here for?


Jo Waters said...

Congratulations! Completely up-to-date again, I am so pleased, I missed your blog when you didn't post - I always enjoy reading it!

kimara said...

I love PINTEREST!! I don't know how I existed without it. I bet your kids had so much fun!!