Monday, 23 January 2012


On Christmas Eve, we had a lovely day - Lucy and I went to buy cinema tickets for Arthur Christmas in the morning, went to McDonalds for breakfast, and then walked over to the big Tesco nearby (via the extremely muddy bit!) for a wander. I got a very turquoise jacket, and Lucy got a poncho which she loves, plus some other bits (including nail polishes). We had such a laugh. 
When we got back, to Lucy's delight, her new Sim card had come for her mobile phone. I had finally decided to get a new phone (my old one has been lost for nearly a year), and we found a very cheap contract. I get a free phone with mine (exactly the same model as Lucy's!) and Lucy bought the same contract too. She is so happy to be able to text as freely as she likes now. My phone arrived after Christmas, and I am actually remembering to charge it and take it with me!
We all enjoyed the film in the evening, and then went and got cheese burgers afterwards. Lucy and I ended up running back to Tesco again, pleading with the security guard to let us in (he was just locking up), so that we could get someone to take the security tag off my turquoise jacket, which they had forgotten to do earlier in the day.
On Christmas Day, we were just by ourselves in the morning, and it was lovely watching everyone opening their presents, after I showed them a short film from Don't know why I bothered tidying up, it pretty quickly looked like this!
We went to church for an hour-long service, in which the ward choir did a really good job. We then went back home, quickly packed, then headed to Mum and Dad's house for Christmas Part II!
John and Hannah arrived around the same time, and we all had Christmas dinner, then had more presents (my favourite being a gorgeous glass cake dome and plate, with some almond things inside which John had made - perfect!!)
There's nothing better than hanging out with family! Lots of talking, laughing and late nights!

On Boxing day, went went to Nottingham University to go for a walk in the park.
Mum and Dad on the spinny thing!
The guys on another spinny thing
Asher and Uncle Scott
Family Portrait #1
Family Portrait #2!
Mum being the Karate Kid...
On December 27th we took Granny's mobility scooter out for a spin, on Abbey Park. All the kids had a go - though whoever was on the scooter became the target for the frisby.
I wanted to stay at Nottingham for a bit longer, so that I could get to see Katy. She hadn't been able to come while Asher, and also Nikki (who's pregnant) were around, because Amy got Chicken Pox just before Christmas. 
Katy, Amy and Bobbie came on 28th December, and we had a nice stroll up to the Avenue, and got loads of half price Boots sale bargains. 
Me trying out some new polish on Amy.
I also started some knitting at Mum and Dad's... Scott looks so impressed!
Chicken spotty Amy and big cousin Lucy.
We headed back home on 29th, to give me time to get ready for the Brand New Year event in Northampton (for the youth from church and their families), which I was helping to organise.

On New Year's Eve, Scott took Harry and Tom on the train to London, where they went to the Science Museum, the Imax theatre, and Hamley's toy shop (to spend some Christmas money!)
Jack, Lucy and I headed off, and helped get everything ready in Northampton.
When everyone had arrived, we started the evening off with a bit in the chapel where we introduced the Church's Youth Theme for 2012 ('Arise and Shine Forth') I had to give a talk, which I had based on a quote from the film 'The Help'
I tied it in with gospel principles, and I felt like the talk went well - it really was what I wanted to say to the youth.
We then had the party part, with inflatables, and food and games etc, and we counted in the new year in classic style. One of Lucy's friends took this pictures, a few moments into 2012!

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