Tuesday, 10 January 2012


On Friday 2nd December it was the Christmas Fair at Harry and Tom's school. I am in the school parents' group, and had a few assignments to help with it, one being to set up Santa's Grotto, and another to make the 'Guess the number of sweets on the cake' cake...
I also ran a 'making incredibly gluey & messy wooden Christmas Puddings craft stall', while Lucy and Jack came straight from their school, to take Harry and Tom round. Everyone spent their money on the Jam Jars stall and soft toys.
The next day was Harry's 6th birthday. He was delighted with his presents, and got down to some serious playing, while I spent most the day making cupcakes for his party that afternoon. Harry was sharing his party with Dylan from his class at school. We had booked the local leisure centre soft play bit, and invited their entire class (most of whom came).
It went pretty well I think. Harry enjoyed it anyway!
The calm before the storm...
Harry and Dylan, and the pirate cupcakes I made.
After the party, Harry had a wonderful time opening the enormous amount of presents he received from his friends - I know I probably should have felt how excessive it all was, but actually I just enjoyed how happy he was.

The following week, we went to the library, and I remembered to take my camera with me, to get a photo of this picture which Harry drew. He and his classmates all drew pictures of book covers, for a display on one of the library walls. I think it's lovely!

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