Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Family Temple Trip

Had a great weekend, starting with Friday 18th November. Scott had signed up for some deal with Blockbuster, so that we could have as many DVDs as we liked for a month. On Friday evening, we watched 'Australia'. Seemed like we hadn't sat down to watch anything for ages, and we had a lovely evening together. 

The next day, we went down to London Temple. We were so lucky with the weather - clear and mild. I went in the Temple first, while Scott had the kids, then we swapped. The kids did drawings and read, and we all took it in turns with my camera.
The grounds were beautiful.
I love seeing Jack and Lucy having fun together. They seem closer since Jack started Lucy's school - more in common I suppose, and Jack's seems a bit more grown-up lately.
The place where we were married for eternity!
I also took the kids into the visitor's centre, where we watched some of the church's short films. They are wonderful. I know the kids could really feel the spirit, and they didn't want to leave when Scott came and found us. Harry asked if we could go back to the temple soon.

In the evening, Anna and I went onto the American Airbase, and met up with a load of our friends from bookclub, to watch 'The Help' at the cinema. What a good film! We'd read the book, and I think everyone really liked both. They are also a great bunch of girls to be friends with!

On Sunday, it was the Primary Presentation at church. Scott, Lucy and I watched from the over-flow room, so I wasn't able to glare at Harry as he messed around through much of it (or was non-co-operative at the very least) - not one of his finer moments anyway. It was Jack's last ever presentation, and he didn't really want to do it (feels too old now), so I was proud of him, and Tom did a good job too.

It was also announced that Stephen and Johnathan who I worked with on the stake youth team were released from their callings. I felt a rush of emotion as it was said, and started crying - we have worked hard together this past year, and had a lot of fun too - I will really miss them both. In the following week, I spoke with Stephen, and then with Johnathan the next Sunday, at a Stake Youth Fireside which we were holding, and got to thank them for a good year. Also over the past few weeks, I have had 5 new people called to the Young Women's team, so it will be all change!

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