Monday, 23 January 2012

January so far...

Well so far this year, I seem to mainly have been occupied with church activities, and ladies' trips out!
The children all went back to school on Wednesday January 4th, the day after Scott went back to work. That Wednesday evening we had a Relief Society class on Cake Decorating, and I took along a couple of Mums from school.
I had a Youth meeting in Northampton the next night, then an evening out with my school book club friends at an Indian restaurant on the Friday night, and a meeting to plan the Youth Camp, in Kettering on the Sunday night.

The following Friday (13th), we had an activity evening in Northampton, followed by our very first youth choir practise! There were over 100 youth and leaders, and we didn't sound too bad! The girls were incredibly enthusiastic, and the boys a bit less so (or down-right very not enthusiastic in some cases!) I was glad with how it went, though we had some other mix up on the night, and I left the evening feeling exhausted and a bit fragile.
I was cheered up enormously the next day though, following a phone call with President Hirst. He always helps me see the bigger picture.

On Sunday 15th, I went to Bedford ward to give a talk there. I'd been asked by the Bishopric on Wednesday evening to speak for 20 minutes. I get very nervous speaking, but I don't mind it in some ways, because it makes me really study, and try and listen for the Holy Ghost. I think it went OK anyway. It turned out that Scott and the children didn't get to go to church that day because my car hadn't started! Lucy had ended up doing a little class at home with the boys.

I didn't have the car for all of last week, but luckily I didn't really need it.
On Thursday 19th, I went out to lunch with some friends from Harry and Tom's school, to celebrate Zoe's birthday. It was very pleasant, and I had made a pink roses cake, with little bunting on top, to finish off. The restaurant people were really nice, and even provided a cake sparkler and bought the cake in.
On Thursday night, I travelled with the Cains to Northampton for our Stake Council meeting.

The next day, I had another (unplanned) day out with two friends, to go swimming costume shopping. I actually found two that I liked, and we had another very lovely lunch out!
The swimming costumes were in preparation for Saturday 21st, when I and eight friends from the school travelled to King's Lynn for a spa day.
It had been planned for a Sunday, so I'd said I wouldn't be going, but not long ago, they told me they had changed it to a Saturday so that I could go!
We had a wonderful day out, leaving at 9am, and getting home again at about 11pm. At the spa, I went to the gym, swam a lot (between 30 or 40 lengths), had an AMAZING back massage, went in some of the different steam rooms, had an ice fight in one of the spa rooms, salt scrubbed our feet, read by the pool, chatted a lot drinking herbal teas, and at the end I think I fell asleep for a bit curled up in a bath robe on a lounger in the relaxation room! We also had a nice lunch out, then a meal at a local Chinese restaurant in the evening.
Scott was great, and took all the kids to London on the train. They went to the Science Museum, The British Museum, and also into Westminster Abbey. They all seemed to have had a super day!
Yesterday (Sunday 22nd), I went to church in Northampton ward, and then Duston ward (who meet in the afternoon). I then went straight from there to Bedford, for their 'New Beginnings' evening. It was good seeing lots of the girls and their leaders. Scott and the kids went to Huntingdon. (My car is fixed now - it had a service, which sorted it out.)

Scott's been pretty busy this month with Seminary starting again, and with his plans for world domination (well, actually his plans for making the college bigger and better...) He's had loads of ideas recently, and is excited to see if they actually work!
The children are all quite happy. Lucy has been choosing her subjects for GCSEs - her option subjects (she thinks) will be Geography, Economics and Drama. She already has to do French, and all the sciences etc. because she is on the 'enrichment pathway'.
Lucy's also been chosen to be on a justice panel type-thing at school, where she and some others have to listen to 'cases' of misbehaviour in school, and decide what should be done.
She is still thoroughly enjoying her phone - it helps her keep in contact with church friends from around the stake.
Jack is happy to just jog along with life - he does his homework with no problems or reminders, and he has recently taken part in two basketball tournaments with school. He is really getting tall too - nearly as tall as Lucy now.
Tom has a new teacher for two days a week, who he is quite happy with - Miss Lavelle - I laugh every time I hear the name, because she was a character in one of the episodes of the A-Team...
Tom is enjoying reading a lot at the moment, and frequently reminds me that we need to go to the library.
Harry is growing up too. He takes pride in his artwork, and loves his cars and Playmobil. He is a bit more compliant now, and life seems easier in some ways. He loves his swimming lessons on Mondays after school, and is highly enthusiastic, and a joy to watch!
Harry ran 102 circuits of our downstairs, last week. He has lots of energy!

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