Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pancake Day!

The kids liked tossing pancakes yesterday! They came in our room and got us up in the morning, so we could have pancakes for breakfast, then Tom went to a friend's after school and had pancakes there, then came home in time to have more pancakes with the rest of us for pudding!
A lazy day today (though the house is surprisingly tidy, and I did do Visiting Teaching and 4 hours of ironing yesterday...) - Harry had his first time going to playgroup on a Wednesday, and so I came home and went back to bed with a big bag of Revels and The Diary of Anne Frank. We are discussing it at bookclub tonight, and I managed to finish it (and also the Revels). I also did do some wallpaper scraping in the kitchen, and Lucy did some after school too.
I decided to make tea early tonight and the kids and I ate without Scott. They are just too hungry and tired by the time he gets in at 6, and I hate trying to cook when they are like that. We have saved our pudding to eat when he comes in and has his tea, so we will eat together a bit. It has been amazingly calm and relaxed - for tonight anyway! Anna gave me the idea of doing it that way this morning - she happened to mention that Ben read a book by one of the General Authorities, and that's how his family did it.

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M@risk@ said...

The kids did a wonderful job by making their own. Pancakes and fries are my boys favorite. Nice pics you took in the park.