Tuesday, 17 February 2009

While Mum and Dad were at France....

While mum and dad were at France, my brothers and I were staying at Nottingham, with my mums parents, my grandparents.On the first day, my auntie Katy was there, and my grandma was at her local charity shop, where she works.The rest of us went to the park, where I got rather muddy! Add ImageThat night, I slept with HaCheck Spellingrry, who had a terrible cough, so I got hardly any sleep. The next day, some other of our aunties and uncles, Robin and Niki came round, with little Adam, our cousin. That day, they stayed round for dinner, where we had a rather interesting dinner, Shepherds Pie, with wheat instead of minceAdd Image meat! On Sunday, we went to church, which was a disaster, as dad had forgotten to bring all the church clothes!! Luckily, we had all come in our school clothes, so we wore them, apart from Harry, who wore some things that mum had packed, and I got a top from the charity shop.On Monday, Mum and Dad came at lunch time, and shortly after this, we journeyed home. When we got home, we all watched a film, and went to bed.
By Lucy

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