Thursday, 5 February 2009

We-heeeey!!! SNOW!!!!

Well this is what we woke up to - that's a bit more like it!! We decided pretty quickly that school was off the menu, and Scott didn't have to go in to work, so we headed off to the 'grass-hopper bowl' (after snowballing the Hubbards), with our mini see-saw as a sledge... had a bit of fun there, and Tom and Harry made a nice snowman. Lucy then started making a big snowball and we tried to push it all the way home so we could use it for another snowman body. It got way too big and heavy before we got anywhere near home, but some nice people helped us get it home with their sledge! So we made our 7 foot surfer snowman - Jack from next door had to help with the head! (We didn't have any carrots - had to use a tube of Tomato Puree for the nose...) Then we had a go at body-boarding down the road. After some lunch, we set off on a walk into town, but never made it - we stopped at the park and made an igloo instead!! About 3 1/2 hours later we did it!! Scott took the younger ones home partway through, and we didn't really think we'd get a roof on anyway... Quite a few passers-by helped out a bit, and we eventually finished it!! We are SO PROUD OF IT!!! Scott bought us some chips half-way through too which helped us keep going... I feel like we made the most of the snow anyway!

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