Monday, 16 February 2009

Weekend in France

What a fun weekend! We took the kids to Mum and dad's on Thursday, then picked up a hire van on Friday, and took it back home and finally loaded up all the stuff we have been collecting for the house in France - Scott worked miracles and managed to get it all in! We set off to Portsmouth then to get a ferry.

Arriving at St. Malo on the overnight ferry

After unlaoding all the stuff out the van we had lunch in Auray (At the restaurant with the red awning) It was sunny enough to sit outside - really lovely...

Scott, with my 'I am wet' message - the sea (somewhere near Carnac) came in further than I was expecting while I was trying to take a picture - I was soaked up to the knees all day !

Camping in front of the fire in Mum and Dad's room - it was FREEZING! We put a mattress down in front of the fire to sleep on and I kept chucking logs on all night!

Wandering around Dinan, yesterday.

View out the van window when we had lunch! We wandered around M. St. Michael, then drove to the Normandy beaches and had a walk in the dark, before getting the overnight ferry home again.

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