Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Walk In The Park

We picked up Lucy from a sleep-over this morning (she got to bed at about 3am...) and went to the country park on the way back. Jack was out with his friend Richard for the morning. The woods were pretty flooded and the kids had a good time poking around with sticks and getting generally muddy and wet. Tom asked me to take a photo of him sitting on the stump, then Harry did too. The park itself was a bog, and there are some very messy wellies in the car which I am in no hurry to go and sort out. (P.S. We woke up this morning to find our snowman finally dead. Our front garden is about as boggy as the park.)

The park was sooooo muddy, it was unbelievable. Its woods were like marsh and it was really fun to walk in all the swamp, although it resulted in wet feet, despite the wellies!
From Lucy

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