Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday, we held a surprise party for dad. It was for his birthday, so we invited around 60 people to come. It was great fun hiding all the food, we put the food in wardrobes, under beds, and in the garage. We had a huge Tesco shop on Wednesday, which was hard to hide from dad, but we managed it. So, when it came to the time where we needed to distract him, we decided to go and play football. But after about half an hour, dad was prepared to go home, which wasn't enough time for mum to set up everything, so a series of distractions were put into place, such as injurys, and addiction to swings. When we finally got home dad was totally surprised. Food was layed out on the tables, and Catia had made a fab cake, with a clown on the top. ( All gone now, yum yum!)
The next day, after missing an hour off church, we made our way to Nottingham, were my grandparents live, to celebrate the many birthdays on mums side of the family. Half way through the visit, Adam seemed to grow rather attracted to me. he kept hugging on to me, cuddling round my neck.
By Lucy

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