Monday, 30 March 2009

The fun continues...

Lucy was still ill yesterday and not in any state for church, so I rang church to organize someone to teach my lesson, then took the boys and dropped Jack and Tom off at church with Scott. On the drive home, Harry said I had to look after him, because he was sick too. I thought he was just saying it because of Lucy, but he started moaning, so I pulled over and got him out the car just in time for him to be sick everywhere! (The poor little thing was still in his pyjamas!) We made it home, and I had to ring church again, to tell someone to tell Scott to tell Liz we had a sickie in the house (well 2), but she could still come for dinner if she wanted!
We ended up having a lovely time with Liz and her family - all 9 kids disappeared onto the trampoline for most the time (as well as making the world's longest straw!), and the grown-ups had a nice relaxed chat. Liz is a Cambridge graduate, so we picked her brains on the different colleges, because Lucy says she would like to go there. Jack says Uurgh no way - he's going to Oxford. I say good luck...!
At about midnight last night, I gave up going into Harry's room to see to him, and he came in with me and Scott squashed in Harry's bed. Harry finally went to sleep at 2.30am, but we had a very restless night, so we're a bit tired today! Scott took Tom to school for me though which was nice. Harry's been crying this morning because now he has a sore throat. He could only eat star shaped toast for breakfast! Anything else was just too much for him to contemplate eating and started him off crying again! Poor little thing. He's OK now - happy watching Charlie and Lola on our new midget TV... (I got one of Liz's boys to sort all the TV wires out yesterday!) Lucy and Jack both had scrannies this morning, because they didn't have all their uniform, in spite of me being very organised with all washing and ironing. It seems that Lucy has lost 2 jumpers, and Jack has lost a pair of trousers, 2 white shirts and a pair of trainers !!!
Anyway, maybe this week will be a bit quieter than last week!

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johnflinn said...

this is how to put us off having kids forever!