Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Flute Exam

About 4 weeks ago, I took my grade 1 flute exam. I was really nervous, and positive that I was going to fail. But, just this moment, I have heard from the school, that I have actually passed! I couldn't actually believe it at first, I was so shocked. I am really pleased that I passed, and glad all my hard work has payed off.
By Lucy

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Antigonum Cajan said...

Well, that happens to all us.
I remember things like that when
I was forty years younger.

Remember that often one thinks
to be less, for insecurity, because
others seems to be better at whatever...

I am into horticulture. Once in a while I wonder If am the legend
I think I am. Not only because of my wide collection of plants, but
of what I write with the only intention of being original, unique.

It is natural to be insecure. The fun is to keep trying. Success
comes soon or later..