Saturday, 28 March 2009

This week

Getting to the end of a long week...
Cleaned a friend with a new baby's house Monday
Cleaned our house Tuesday. Lucy and Jack at football club after school (Scott out pm - church)
Visiting teaching and hosted bookclub Wednesday, plus baked mega batches of soup and cookies (the recipe had 600g of chocolate in - we now have a freezer full of frozen cookies!) Ironing phase 1. Lucy at swimming for Guides (Scott out pm - church)
Went to the doctors and got prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection Thursday (had to go back home again before I could get the prescription though because I'd forgotten my purse), and the telly blew up. Wrote a letter to Seema, my old school friend (haven't spoken to her in years, but I got a letter with handwriting on that looked like hers and it just reminded me) Ironing phase 2 - all done - could see bottom of laundry basket and ironing basket at same time! (For all of about 3 seconds) Made Mum's good carrot cake recipe - it made loads, so took some round to our neighbour. Took kids to the library (Harry calling at top of voice "Can I buy this one Mum??" about 93 times) Tom at football club after school (Scott out pm - church)
Clinic again on Friday for another appointment, and an Easter activity thing in the afternoon, plus Harry trapped 2 fingers in the front door really badly (OK now though). Jack came home with bandaged knee and shoulder due to collision in playground - covered in lovely scabs now! Lucy and Jack at drama club after school. Read all of a Somerset Maughan book that I got out from the library. Chatted with John on phone and exchanged recipes, till our phone battery went dead (Scott out pm - church x2) Also my car is playing up - the computer thing keeps sending odd messages, then immobilising the car occasionally.
Today I took all the kids to the cinema myself, then bought a new little telly to tide us over, from a friend for £10 (Scott out from 8-2 - work do) In the post a parcel came from Amy in America with 130+ sticker packs - I used to buy from her, but these were just a lovely free gift out the blue! Lucy feeling ill all day. Tom's been feeling off all week. This evening Scott and I booked our Summer holiday to France. The overnight ferry was mega-expensive so we booked the really cheap ferry, but upgraded it to the club lounge - they will love us in there, with all the kids!! The thought of this really tickled me - laughing is very dangerous at the moment though - I just about coughed up a lung. We booked a hotel on the way back to break up the journey. It's one we've stayed at before where we got totally lost, then couldn't book in for ages because their computers were down, and so got free breakfasts...we'll see what happens this time!
Scott's just come downstairs again - he went up for a bath (he's not out tonight!), but it turns out the pilot light had gone out so there's no hot water.
I just need to vacuum now, clean shoes and prepare my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow. We have a family with 5 boys coming for dinner tomorrow - hope the weather is OK so they can go in the garden - otherwise 8 little boys in total plus Lucy will be quite noisy!
In my talk in Sacrament meeting last week, I quoted President Monson saying that one day parents of young kids will profoundly miss all the debris that comes from raising them(paraphrasing!) I know one day there is the possibility that things will calm down a bit, so I am trying to enjoy being needed now!

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