Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The past week

On Friday 27th February, Tom was feeling a lot better after having his teeth out, and went to school, though with a note to miss rugby. (His wounds took about two days to heal wonderfully well to little slits.) Jack was ill with flu-like symptoms though, and spent the day in bed.
In the evening, Scott and I were picked up by Richard and Jo Blackhurst, and we went out for a meal at a nearby pub/restaurant. We mainly had steaks, followed by desserts, and it was all pretty nice. Lots of deep discussion about life etc!

On Saturday 28th, we had quite a quiet day, though went and cleaned the chapel just before lunch, as it was our turn on the cleaning rota. Jack was still a bit rough, but he came anyway, and just dusted everywhere!

On Sunday 1st March (Dad's 65th birthday!) I dropped the kids off at our chapel, then Tom and I went to church in Milton Keynes. Two roads were closed off on the way, so we got to church about 15 minutes late. 
My counsellor Gill and I were there to meet with the new Young Womens Presidency after church. We had a wonderful meeting, and they really are great women with a lot of love and enthusiasm. I was really on a high all day from it.

On Sunday evening, Scott and I were invited to go round to Ben and Anna Conway's house, for our usual chat and game of Rumikub!

We had quite an energetic Monday! I did a run on the treadmill before school, and Scott, Tom and Lucy all ran at various times on Monday too. For Family Home Evening, we watched a couple of church videos, then the boys got the weights out, and I did some of a Zumba video.
Jo Backhurst invited me over for lunch, and I spent the afternoon at her house.
After school, there was a knock at the door, and it was Robin!! He's working as an architect on a project in London one day every couple of weeks, so said he'd probably drop in on his way home every now and then. We had a lovely chat, and he stayed for a couple of hours.

Yesterday (Tuesday 3rd March), I didn't have anything planned (except to iron!) and had forgotten it was the Year 4 Parents Come to Lunch day. Donna came home from the school run with me, then we went to Tesco and got some nice sandwiches and bits, before heading over to our friend Lauren's house for a coffee morning to raise money for an Alzheimer charity. Had a nice time there (here I am with another Year 4 Mum - Kat), then Donna drove us straight to the school for the lunch. Harry was happy enough to see me, especially as I bought him a lovely big cupcake from the coffee morning!

Tom has recently joined the school rugby club, and took part in a tournament yesterday afternoon. His B team lost all their matches except one! They were playing A teams though, and he didn't seem at all disheartened.

Today, Donna came back from the school run with me again (she is parking nearby in the mornings, then walking to and from school, in order to get more exercise), I packaged up some ebay things which I had sold last night, then we drove my car to the garage, where it's getting a new clutch today. We then walked back to mine via the post office.

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