Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mothers Day (Sunday 15th March 2015)

On Mothers Day, we travelled to Nottingham, and went straight to church, where we saw Mum and Dad, John and Hannah, Robin and Niki, and all the kids. (Katy and Dan were at Dan's Mum and Dad's for church - they came back to our Mum and Dad's after.)
I also was delighted to see Aunt Dot, who is looking pretty good, even though she has just started her TENTH lot of chemotherapy!

The kids in the car! (I should point out that the hearts were not made for me - they just happened to be in the car from the Valentine's dance!)

After sacrament meeting, Lucy realised she didn't have her finger pricker with her, so couldn't test her blood. Lucy, Scott and I ended up driving to the Avenue, and having to buy a whole new Blood Glucose Monitor set for £24 (which included a finger pricker!)
We went back to church via the parts of Nottingham we are thinking about buying a house in, and saw several of the houses for sale, which Scott's been looking at. All of the areas seem OK.
Back at church it was a bit late to go into class, so I ended up having a nice chat with Anne-Marie Beardsmore.

After church Harry gave me a letter he'd written in Primary. It said:

''Dear Mum
I love your Dinner
Il do the dishwasher and Ill let you get to bed.
I have lernt that when you take your helmet of in space your head blows up.''

What a laugh!!

Also for Mothers Day, I had a beautiful huge bunch of pink tulips, some fudge, a handmade card and sweets from Tom, a massive origami flower from Jack which looks more like a Dwarvish war hammer, and some more paper bits from Harry, from which I've worked out that he's happy I've given him life, food and hugs!

After church, we all piled back to Mum and Dad's. Everyone else had stayed over the night before, and so there was stuff everywhere, and everyone was a bit tired!

Mum reading her giant Grandmothers card, signed by all the Grandkids.

We had the usual 'March Birthdays Present Opening', and Scott decided to share one of his presents (a mini bottle of Shloer) with Joseph!

Dad showing us the heat distributor he's made. (Fans from a biscuit tin!)

Joseph got sat in between Viv and Hattie, and they promptly both clonked him!

Jack and Emma!

Lucy and Hattie

Scott and Viv

We took it in turns doing the spinning ball hand exerciser thing... it kills your arm after a bit!

We didn't really do much - just hung around in the back room chatting, with Dan and I taking photos. Didn't see much of Harry and Tom at all - the 'middle-aged' cousins were in the front room making dens.

We left at about 6.45pm, and went home via Stamford so that I could try and check out the camp site I had secured for the Stake Young Womens camp. We drove down the right road, but never managed to find the entrance to it in the dark!

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