Thursday, 12 March 2015

4th - 8th March

In the evening of Wednesday 4th March, I picked up Jo Blackhurst, and we went to the Relief Society Birthday Party. We were seated by birthday month, so Jo was sitting at a different table. 
It was a nice evening! Played some not too demanding games - including one where every table submitted two stories, and we all had to guess who did which thing. Ola's 'thing' was walking round Paris in her nightie, because the clothes she was wearing were too hot, and that's all else she had! Ha!

The next day, Thursday 5th March, my car was still at the garage. Jo had a wedding she wasn't looking forwards to, so we went to town and I picked her out a dress and lovely long jacket from the dress agency, which cheered her up quite a bit about the wedding. I bought myself a nice lambswool cardigan - prefect seeing as the central heating decided to stop working again!!
We also met up with Donna and her American friend Jen in a tea room.
I then walked down to the garage and collected my car.

Tom's beautifully healing wounds, one week on!

In the evening I drove on my own to Bedford chapel for a youth committee meeting.

Next day (Friday 6th) Donna came back to mine, while Jo had an optician's appointment, then I drove us all to Peterborough. I returned some clothes we had bought Lucy online from Matalan, then we went to a retail park, and spent a while looking for shoes for Jo to wear to the wedding. No luck anywhere till we tried Asda!! £8, and the only light coloured pair of shoes in the whole place, and they fitted Jo perfectly!
I got loads of birthday presents for all the March birthdays.

Selfie of Jo, Donna and I in Asda!

In the evening I was picking up Jo, Donna and Jen for book club at Claire Hewson's house, and Jo asked me to go to hers early so I could see her whole wedding outfit.
I was so pleased!! She looked great in it, complete with clip-on pearl earrings! Richard was really happy too. We had a bit of a chat too while Jo got ready.

Book club was nice - discussed 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

On Saturday 7th March, I got a 'Zoodle Chef'. I'd been thinking of ways for Lucy to have lower carbohydrate foods, so she doesn't have to take so much insulin, and I came across this tool on Friday on Amazon. It's like a large pencil sharpener for vegetables. One end cuts little strips, and the other cuts wide strips.

I made up some small batches of vegetable bolognese sauce, and cut some courgette in the Zoodle Chef. I cooked it for a couple of minutes, and made quite a nice passable spaghetti substitute, with almost no carbs! Even Harry had some!

On Saturday afternoon, Scott took Jack to an Air Cadets event, where Jack received a promotion to 1st Class Cadet (apparently there are now three people he can give orders to!) and a couple of other certificates - for an Emergency Life Support course, and a Basic Swimming Competence assessment. (Jack's not a very strong swimmer, and had never learnt to tread water - I was giving him demonstrations in the kitchen before that particular evening!)

He looked so grown-up in his uniform! I did the whole 'really-proud-but-a-bit-emotional-he's-growing-up-so-fast' Mum thing...

On Saturday evening, we went to the Garricks' house for a 'Pre-America Trips' evening! The Garricks are going at roughly the same time and to similar places as us. Clare wanted us to all talk 'America' and swap ideas!
On the way out the door, Jack showed me one of his poor bashed-up knees (from football!)

Clare and Scott discussing routes and itineraries!

Paul and I weren't all that bothered about holiday talk (I'd rather not imagine every bit of the trip in advance, but have it feel new when I get there), and I'd taken my camera and lenses, so we happily discussed photography instead!

Clare had really gone to town with the food! It looked and tasted great!

I'd made a banoffee pie and trifle for pudding, and Ryan made brownies.

After tea, we compared American Playlists! Had fun playing loads of snippets of songs with some kind of American theme in them!

One of the songs reminded me of 'Just Dance' on the Wii, so Cara found it, and we did some dancing!

A really great evening!

On Sunday 8th March, Lucy and I went to Northampton Chapel, for Duston Ward Conference.
It went OK, and Gill taught a great Young Womens lesson. Claire Hirst the YW President had had to go home early, but we met with her counsellors, then I had a Ward/Stake Council Meeting.
After church President Hirst and I talked for ages about stuff we are both dealing with, and Lucy (who had hung out with Ben) and I got home at about 4pm.

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