Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Week of Scott's 42nd Birthday

Monday 9th March. I drove Jo and I into Peterborough in the morning, and we went shopping at Morrisons, and had sandwiches in the cafe. I'd had a really bad night's sleep on Sunday night, with a lot on my mind, so by the afternoon I was completely done in. I made a cake for Scott's birthday though, to have for tea that night, because we wouldn't all be together on his birthday. 

I was also pleased on Monday, because I had confirmation of a camp site I found near Rutland Water, for the Young Women camp this summer. 

We had Scott's birthday cake for pudding. (Harry photo-bombing!) I went to bed not long after, feeling ill.

Tuesday 10th - Scott's 42nd Birthday! He opened some presents and cards in the morning, but had a normal day at work.
I'd had another very bad night's sleep - high temperature and aching. I tidied up the house, and had to stay up for boiler man who was coming to look at the not-working central heating system (we've been using electric heaters), and he took a couple of hours. I was so glad when he was gone, and went straight to bed, feeling fed up and dreadful. He needs to come back later when a chemical had done its job, then flush out the whole system.

One of Scott's birthday card envelopes, from my niece Emma!

After school, Lucy had to get a passport photo done for a railcard. I was't really in the mood for it at all, but we took this photo in my bedroom, and fiddled around with sizes, and got it printed out.

In the evening I took all the kids up to church for Seminary and Activity night, so we didn't see Scott. I hung around with Jo and Clare and had a nice chat.

On Wednesday 11th, Scott took Lucy to the train station before work, where she met up with her Politics class, and travelled to London for a tour of the Houses of Parliament. She even saw Gordon Brown in the underground tunnel which leads from the Houses!
They had the afternoon free to wander round London, so Lucy and her friend Jess had a great time catching buses and tubes, and exploring! I picked them up from station at about 7.15pm.

I was feeling quite a bit better on Wednesday. In the morning I delivered some packing boxes to a lady I Visiting Teach in March, as she needs to pack up her kitchen. I also had arranged to visit Maureen. Back at home, I rang Claire Hirst for quite a while, packed up some Ebay stamps I'd sold, went on the treadmill (during which Gill rang), Jo Waters rang, then I had a super quick shower before the school run.
I spent the evening browsing books and music, trying to find some new stuff to download before going to America.

On Thursday 12th, Seminary was cancelled, so I didn't have to do the Seminary run. I parcelled up some presents, dropped Lucy off at school, went to the Post Office, then had my hair cut. I went to Tesco afterwards, and felt absolutely tired out. We had a nice dinner though - pork chops cooked in the slow cooker, with a balsamic vinegar gravy.

On Friday 13th, Jo came over and we made courgette spaghetti, and worked on a 'Wedding Bingo' sheet, to entertain her at the wedding she was going to the next day. (It was lists of words and phrases she had to listen out for people saying, or that she had to get into a conversation herself!)
I spent more time on my calling/camp stuff.

In the evening Scott and I drove over to Bedford, for a meal out with the Claytons. We've been trying to get together for months now! They had chosen a Chinese restaurant in the centre, and we had a lovely night, getting back at midnight.

On Saturday 14th, I took Lucy, Jack and Tom to Peterborough, to go clothes shopping ready for America. 
As well as clothes, we bought travel pillows and some other bits. Driving home, I finally started to feel really excited about going to America!! I finally feel like it's close enough now to start thinking about it! Eeek!
I also wrapped all the presents for the March Birthday celebration in Nottingham the next day, and made Mum a Mother's Day card.

Our late night catching up on Scott!

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