Thursday, 26 February 2015

Poor old Tom

After school today (Thursday 26th February), I took Tom to our local dentist, so they could pull out two of his top molars.
He was pretty laid back about it, and we didn't have to wait long before going in. He had four injections which he found really painful, and then the dentist got on with loosening his teeth and pulling them out. I couldn't watch for that part!

Here are his lovely, massive molars, which he got to bring home!!

He has some impressive looking holes in his head now! (And you can see the bar which got fitted between his back teeth on Tuesday.)

After the dentist, I took Tom to Tesco to buy him some Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and some soup of his choice - the dentist said just soft food for today! He's not made any fuss at all, but now, a couple of hours on, his mouth is really hurting, and he's a bit upset. Paracetamol, and the ice cream will hopefully cheer him up a little now.

The rest of today: I did the early morning Seminary run, went for a 3k jog on the treadmill after the school run, and then had a phone meeting with Emma Corre for a couple of hours to plan some more of camp for this summer. Lucy stayed home today to work on a Biology project.

Jo Blackhurst popped round for a bit (and had a run on the treadmill too!), then I went back to Jo's for lunch. Made a couple of Thank You cards in the afternoon.

Scott has been in Watford today, visiting another college and comparing systems and finances etc. It sounded reasonably useful. We're all staying in tonight. Jack's not going to Air Cadets as he usually does on a Thursday night, because he's feeling a bit rubbish with a cold.

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