Monday, 16 February 2015

Second Week in February - A Treadmill and Valentines Day

On Monday 9th February, I went to an open afternoon at Harry's school, where he showed me his books and things he's been making. The timing worked out well, because we were allowed to take the kids home early, so we left to pick up Lucy from her school, and went straight over to the hospital in time for Lucy's three-monthly Diabetes appointment. We poured over her figures, which hopefully haven't been too awful, though we will know better when we get her HbA1C blood test result back.

On Tuesday 10th, we had the usual evening of Seminary, Youth, and for Harry it was Activity Night, where he had a good time doing a bridge building challenge.

On Wednesday 11th, Lucy had the day off school - she's felt ill on and off for a couple of weeks now. I had asked her doctor at the hospital if this has any relation to the Diabetes, but he said it wasn't directly related. Being tired (which can happen because of her Diabetes, plus everything else) can affect her though.
I took Tom to Peterborough for another Orthodontist appointment, where he got metal bands glued to his lower back molars. We got him some wax, to cover the sticking out metal bits which rub a bit on his cheeks. 
After school I went to Harry's parents evening, and Mr. Dickenson said he is doing fine. He is especially good at maths and science - working well above expected levels, and though his literacy is fine, he's less interested and rushes it a bit. The thing that made me most happy though, was that in effect, Mr. Dickenson said Harry has become more teachable - more willing to listen and take advise about how to do things.

On the evening of Thrusday 12th, I drove with Carys to our Stake youth meeting in Northampton. Lucy had been ill off school again (lots of headaches and a cold), and I was not feeling brilliant either, and didn't in the least bit feel like going all the way to Northampton.
It turned out to be a really good evening though. Sue Purcell did a presentation for some of the evening on encouraging the youth to do Indexing (entering names and info from photographs of old records onto the computer, so the info is available for doing Family History research.) I really felt the spirit of it, and felt enthusiastic about my calling, plus it was our first meeting as new youth presidencies, who I think are going to work out well. We chatted a while after the meeting too, and got home about midnight.

On Friday 13th (ha!) Jo Blackhurst came round all morning, to make a birthday card for her Mother-in-law. I worked on Valentines cards for the kids, but the phone didn't stop ringing all morning! I had a good chat with my new counsellor Emma Corre, a couple of solicitors rang (following up on enquiries Scott has been making about house buying), Dave Page rang, to say he has been called back onto the Bishopric, and asking for ideas of activities to do with the youth in his ward, and Sue Purcell rang, to say how good the meeting was last night, and how well she thought I ran the meeting, and what a good job we are doing - which was just lovely!!
After lunch, the treadmill, which we ordered at the beginning of January FINALLY ARRIVED! It was in the most massive and heavy box ever. The two delivery men could hardly carry it. They left it on its side in the garage, like this.

Jo helped me to move a bin of wheat bags out the garage, so we could lay the box flat, then she headed home. I hadn't planned on doing any more with the treadmill, but I just gradually unpacked all the bits, and figured out that I could wheel the base back out of the garage, to get the packaging out from under it, then I wheeled it back in and gradually built it. I got it all done (very proud of myself) not long before the school run, so I ran a kilometre as quickly as I could, and then went straight on the school run, totally done in!
I was so excited for everyone to get home and try it! Everyone was really happy, and took it in turns to run for the rest of the evening. I set up Scott's iPad, with weights attached to the case lid, so that it can rest securely over the top of the treadmill console. I did some more running while watching The Great British Bake-off on iPlayer!

In the evening, I took Lucy and a few of her friends over to another friend's, and then we got some take-out for the boys, then a Chinese for ourselves later on. 

Saturday 14th - Valentines Day! My cards for the kids, and Scott.

Flowers (and chocolates) from Scott, but better than that, he was just great all weekend - I felt pretty rubbish all weekend, and he kept on top of the kitchen, went to Tesco, got the Chinese, took Jack on Sunday and made life as easy as possible for me.

While I'm taking flower pictures, I just wanted to add these pictures of my orchid. It's years old, and this year has produced more flowers than ever! (Probably because I moved it from the piano to the window sill.) Really enjoying it! It's the only house plant I've ever been able to keep alive for more than a month or two.

The kids did more running on Saturday, and we did homemade pizzas for lunch. In the afternoon, Scott went to the baptism of two new converts, and I set off later with all the kids to meet him at church, drop off Harry and Tom, pick up the Amos boys, and then Tamisa Martin, to travel to Watford for a Multi-Stake Valentines Dance.
The Dance at Watford was quite good - lots of people there. I spent the evening chatting with youth leaders, parents and keeping an eye on the youth - chatting with a couple of them who seemed a bit on their own. Lucy spent some of the time in the car though, because she was just tired and not very in the mood. She was pleased to see some EFY friends though, and did have a slow dance. Jack asked some 17 year old girl to dance too!
After dropping four other kids home, and stopping off a couple of times for one of them to go to the toilet (!), we finally got home after 12.30am.

On Sunday 15th February (feeling like the walking dead!!) we got Jack packed for going to John and Hannah's house that afternoon, for a week of Work Experience with John. (Jack will miss his Work Experience week, because it's the week we go to America.)
On the way to church, we stopped off at the Gliding Club for a while, so that Jack could take part in a photo shoot for a local paper or something! He hasn't even started gliding yet, but hopefully will after Easter.

Church was good, I enjoyed all the talks and lessons, but afterwards was just totally dead, and went to bed (though not to sleep, because the boys were making such a racket building a den!)
Scott took Jack to Peterborough train station, where he got a direct train to Leeds, with John picking him up the other end.

In the evening, I got accounts set up for Harry and Tom, and started doing some Indexing with them. They both quite enjoyed it, and said they'll do some every Sunday. Scott and I also did some.
Jack rang later, to say he'd had a great time at a Stake Youth Fireside, and playing with Asher, then Snapchatted me, to show me the Jammie Dodger biscuits they'd made!

And today (Monday 16th February) - first day of the Half-Term holidays! So far I've just been clearing up the wreckage of the weekend, taken delivery of a box of organic veg from my friend Lauren, have a Tesco delivery coming later, and the Elders coming for dinner.

Our treadmill record so far...

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