Monday, 9 February 2015

First week in February

For Family Home Evening on Monday 2nd February, I got the 72 Hour Kits out of the garage, so we could update them. And they really did need updating!! This is the T-shirt that was amongst the spare clothing for Harry! (Aged 2-3!) He wasn't very impressed!
The food was out of date too, and I was talking about how there is a technique to open tins without a tin opener, by rubbing the rim on some stone. Jack went outside to give it a go with one of the old tins, and discovered it was snowing!

Sorting our stuff out. (The two blanketed areas are Harry and Tom's dens from the day before.)

At the discovery of snow, we all headed straight outside! Including Lucy in her pyjamas...

Tom skateboarding down the middle of the road, Harry wearing Jack's discarded 72 hour kit clothing, no coat and a giant furry monkey hat, and Lucy still in her pyjamas.

We then went for a walk around the block (Lucy got dressed and Harry got a coat), and I rolled a snowman the whole way round. It was hard work, because the snow wasn't exactly very deep!
At one point the kids and Scott wrote 'LDS FHE' in massive letters on the road. This was a cool Family Home Evening!!

Back at the house, Lucy and Scott built a wall across the driveway, and then claimed they were now snowed in and wouldn't be able to make it school or work the next day...

I think it stopped snowing at about 10pm, so the snow didn't get very deep. It was pretty the next morning though.

On Tuesday 3rd, I had to pick Tom up from school after his first lesson, because he had an orthodontic appointment in Peterborough again. We had a bit of time to kill before setting off, so I got my camera and we drove back to his school to take some photos.

Tom ready to set off for his appointment!

We were only at the orthodontist for about 2 minutes again, though it was good - we'd got there half an hour early (I'd allowed extra time for the snow, plus we didn't get lost this time), but they fitted us in straight away.
Tom had four blue elastic bands fitted between his back teeth. This is to create some space between them, so they can fit a bar in, which will stop his back teeth migrating into the gaps they will make by pulling four of his teeth out. His new canine teeth have no space whatsoever to move into at the moment.
I took Tom back to school after lunch.

On Wednesday 4th, after school, I took Lucy for her annual Eye Screen appointment. They take photographs of her retinas to look at the blood vessels there, and see if they are coming damaged with the Diabetes. The doctor tried to take the photos without giving her eyedrops that make her pupils dilate, but it wasn't very successful, so she had the drops, and we went back to the waiting room and had a nice chat with the other Diabetes patients. They all had Type 2 Diabetes though, and were interested and sympathetic to learn about Lucy's Type 1.

In the evening, I picked up Rachel Lamin, Kat Hutchins and Jo Blackhurst on my way to a Relief Society meeting, where we had a cookery class from Peter Robertson, who's a chef. It was good!! We learnt loads of good tips, and got to try all the things he made.

I spent Thursday 5th shopping, baking refreshments, and finishing preparing my presentation for the Stake Auxiliary Training Meeting at Northampton that night. I get quite nervous when I have to present. 
I also took some pictures of birds which came to eat the out-of-date digestive biscuits from our 72 hour kits! Harry is in charge of breaking them up and putting them out for the birds.

Becki Cain gave me lift to the Auxiliary Training Meeting, and I thought the evening went OK. President Clayton from the Stake Presidency sent a lovely email the next day to say how well he thought it went, which was reassuring.

With the stress of the meeting over, I decided to have nice crafting day on Friday 6th! I got a parcel in the morning of craft products from the company in America who I design for. I'm still doing my 'no-spending-on-myself-till-May' thing, so it's very nice to get free stuff! I had $70 I could 'spend' in their shop, in payment for two articles I'll be writing for their blog later this year. One of the things I chose was this hydrangea die cutter, so I enjoyed making this card amongst other things.

On Friday afternoon, Scott left work early, and picked up Robin in Nottingham, John in Yorkshire, and then headed to Jonathan Devine's house. Jon drove them all to Scotland. They stayed in a hotel, and spent Saturday skiing at Glen Coe. Scott didn't take any pictures - this is one of John's. 
He had a pretty good time!
He went to church yesterday with John and Robin in Yorkshire, dropped Robin home, and drove round Nottingham a bit to get a feel for good places to potentially buy a house for Lucy, if she becomes a student there. 
He got home at about 5.30pm on Sunday afternoon, we had roast dinner, then he had a Young Men's Presidency meeting at our house in the evening.

The kids and I had quite a quiet day on Saturday. I made some dough and tomato sauce, and for tea we each made our own pizzas! They were gorgeous!! We polished off the lot!

Also on Saturday 7th, my Mum rang to tell me that Uncle Paul (Dad's younger brother) died earlier in the day, aged 63. He was in hospital, and his kidneys were in a bad way, but he died of a heart attack. Uncle Paul emigrated to America in 1986. This picture was taken the day before he left.

Dad will travel over for the funeral, though his passport has run out (he was going to renew it before going to France in the summer), so he'll have to get that sorted out first.
I put a post on Facebook about Uncle Paul, and I'm glad I did, as I don't think anyone else has, so there will be old friends of his who wouldn't know otherwise. There have been some nice messages and memories of him left on the Facebook post.

I love this picture of Dad, Uncle Paul and Uncle Bruce.

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