Monday, 2 February 2015

Sewing, Snow and Stake Conference

Not too much going on this week - was pretty on top of things house-wise, enough so that I even got round to some sewing. On Wednesday 28th January, I made a pencil case for Lucy - she's wanted one for ages, and I made one similar to my blue type-writer one. We both got a ridiculous amount of pleasure from our matching pencil cases!

I also made a door-stop thing for our bedroom door. The door bangs against its frame if there is any breeze, so Scott always has a sock on the floor, in the gap to stop it banging. I like this more than a sock, anyway!

My Facebook status on Friday 30th January: 'Jack just pointed out at dinner that he can get married this year!!! After I recovered from choking, Lucy said she can vote this year, Tom reminded me he'll be a teenager this year, and Harry said ''And Mum and Dad will die this year, of old age.'' Feeling slightly traumatised!'

There's been plenty of snow elsewhere in the country this week, and we kept hoping it would snow properly here. We had a tiny smattering, mid-week, and someone put this picture on Facebook, which made me laugh!

Finally on Saturday (31st Jan) it snowed a bit more heavily, and actually settled a bit.

Harry watching the snow.

It settled enough for Tom and Harry to have a bit of a snowball fight (and Tom managed to give me a face full of snow, with one well aimed shot bouncing off the garage roof and up through the open window where I was taking photos from!)

Harry having a great time trying to get me!
It started raining after not long though, and pretty soon the snow had all gone.

On Saturday afternoon, Scott went to Northampton for the Priesthood session of Stake Conference, and I set off a couple of hours later, as I had a meeting there at 4pm. We just saw each other for a few minutes in Northampton before he headed home.

I had a meeting with all the Auxiliary Presidencies, Stake Presidency and Mission President, and I really felt the spirit of what was discussed, and a growing determination to do better in my responsibilities. We had some lovely food provided for us afterwards, and then had the evening session of Conference, followed by some soup, and chance for socialising with everyone. I had good chats with a lot of people, and I love realising just how many people in the Stake I have become good friends with over the past four years of having a Stake calling. I drove back with Dawn Cryer afterwards.

The next day (Sunday 1st February) was the Sunday session of conference, and I headed to Northampton again with Lucy, Jack and Tom, so we could sing in the Stake Youth Choir. We were there for 9.15am, so we could have a run-through of our songs with the rest of the youth beforehand.
There was a bit of kerfuffle about the arrangements for the choir going up to the front to sing, and our choir leader got a bit upset about it, but it all ended up working out fine, and I think the youth did well. I sat with the youth, and we had the first four rows on both sides of the chapel completely crammed with youth! They were really good through-out, and I felt proud of them.

Also, Lucy had a speaking assignment in Stake Conference. She has been pretty ill this week, missing Thursday and Friday of school. She's had a bad headache which painkillers haven't shifted, and her blood sugars have kept being really high. She finally got her talk written on Saturday evening, and she did a good job with it. I hadn't read it beforehand, so it was lovely to listen to her. It's also not every kid who prepares their own talk, and gives it to probably about 700 people!

Also in conference, Karen Brock, my 1st Counsellor was released, as was Paul Krawczyk, the Stake Young Men's President. I felt really emotional, as our team has been really close and worked so well together, and I did cry a little. I got a new Counsellor though - Emma Corre, who I'm excited to work with.
After conference, the Stake Presidency gave the setting apart blessings, and my Counsellors received wonderful blessings. I didn't need to be set apart again, but I did feel like I would like a blessing too, so President Hirst gave me one, and it was a powerful experience, and served to deepen my convictions of my role, and how I can develop it. We got home at about 3pm. As we were driving home, Lucy just came out with ''I love being a Mormon! I mean I like the spiritual side of it, but I also like being with a load of people who're nice, and just like me for who I am.'' Happy days!

In the afternoon, I had a sleep, as I felt totally wrecked, and we had a nice quiet evening, with me reading a whole book to Harry and Tom again, and our 'screen-free' Sunday going well once more.

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