Monday, 28 December 2015

Rochefort-en-Terre (22nd August 2015)

On Saturday 22nd August, we headed off on another mini adventure, this time driving to the village of Rochefort-en-Terre, about 40 minutes away. I had been once before a few years ago with Jack and Tom, and it's a gorgeous, picturesque old village. I felt brave doing the drive and finding parking up the steep, narrow approach to the village.

We wandered down the main street, looking in the shop windows. The Nougat shop!

Glass blower at work. (Didn't see the sign telling us not to take photos till afterwards!)

As we were nearing the end of the main street, we heard loads of car horns etc, and then a procession of loads of great cars drove past us! It totally made the boys' day!!

We then walked along this tree lined avenue, which we'd not been to the end of last time. There were some beautiful old ruins down there, and it was just a completely gorgeous place to wander around. Lucy and I were in our element!!

Near a modern art museum, there was this spinning, inflatable, glowing alien egg thing!

We walked up to a raised garden area, full of medicinal plants.

The boys feeling the wool from different sheep breeds.

The front of the buildings which I fell in love with!

Harry working the well wheel.


The little chapel on the edge of the gardens.

We then found a little stone staircase leading back down to the main street.

Jack and I went for a wander round the church, trying to find a door and staircase leading to the tower...  Jack was brave enough to try a few doors, but no joy!

While in the last shop we wanted to go in (a soap shop, where we smelled all the different varieties!) it started to rain, and we headed back to the car.
A really good trip which we all enjoyed!

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