Thursday, 31 December 2015

Travelling back to England (1st September 2015)

On Tuesday 1st September, we got up early, packed away our bedding, covered the beds, took care of the last few things, then drove to St. Malo to catch our ferry home.
It takes just under two hours and went smoothly. It was a bit cloudy in places, but the light was really gorgeous and made everywhere look pink. Lucy and I said we should get up early more often in France and drive around taking photos.
We got through the ferry check-in fine, much to my relief after last year's turning-up-a-day-early fiasco!
It's still a big deal for me to do all this stuff on my own, including driving onto the ferry, but it was all easy enough, and we were soon in our first class cabin for our 8 hour journey.
They had left macaroons and fruit for us again!

I absolutely love this view of St. Malo.

Lucy and I left the boys watching telly in the cabin for a bit to come and read on deck.

I started reading 'All the Light We Cannot See', which has St. Malo on the cover! It's so much better reading about a place when you have been there and can visualise it!

One of the telly channels shows the camera view out the front of the boat. Here are the kids, with Lucy waving, right down at the bottom of the screen.

The journey is pretty easy with our own cabin. I even had a bit of a nap. As we neared Portsmouth, we left the cabin with all our stuff and went on the front deck. We looked at all the battleships, and I got chatting with a woman coming back from holiday with her family too. We stayed on deck for as long as possible, and had to get in the car quick, as we were next to drive off!

We just drove straight home from Portsmouth, and met up with Scott at McDonalds, and had a nice tea together!

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