Sunday, 1 December 2013

Early December 2012

Harry had his 7th birthday party on Saturday 1st December, and we had invited 10 kids from the school class round. It was bedlam!! I think Harry enjoyed it though! We did some games, and craft activities.

Lucy and Ben Hirst were a great help - which I definitely needed! Lucy and Ben had recently fallen out again, and President Hirst had bought Ben with him to a meeting in Huntingdon on the previous Thursday evening, so that I could come by with Lucy to spend some time with Ben and hopefully get things sorted out. I ended up taking them both to Tesco, to do shopping for Harry's party, and I insisted they talk to each other properly, and work out their differences. It worked anyway, and they spent hours talking in the church car park after we returned. Also had fun with President Hirst and Bishop Hough, trying to get Bishop's car started after their meeting...we tried jump starting it from my car, and all sorts, but it turned out to be something really daft in the end, like the wrong keys or something... Anyway, Ben wanted to come and help with Harry's party, so President Hirst bought him round. He gave Harry the Bear Grylls book for his birthday, which I think made Harry feel quite grown up.

Harry had a load of cupcakes instead of a cake, so he had to have candles in a cupcake!

The next day we had Keely and her gang come over!

Tom giving a donation to the Rotary Club Father Christmas on the 4th! I love when they come round - the music is so loud! You can hear it streets away!

On the 6th December, I had to make the cake for the 'Guess the Number of Sweets on the Cake' competition for the school fair the next day. Sickly!!

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