Friday, 1 November 2013

November 2012

On Sunday 4th November, Robin, Niki, Adam, Emma and baby Heidi came down for the day. We had a lovely time together, and the boys had a great time all playing together. I'm not sure what they were doing exactly, but at one point they had barricaded up the living room door!

 Lucy with her cousin, Heidi.

The next night was Bonfire Night. We didn't really do much for it, but the kids had some sparklers.

Harry in his Beaver's Uniform (on 16th Nov), with the Beavers' mascot. He goes on Tuesday evenings at Bury Village Hall.
On Monday 19th, we found out that Harry won a colouring competition at school.

Monday 26th November was an interesting day. Lucy had a hospital appointment at 10.30am at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, and just as we were coming round the big bend from Huntingdon down to the hospital, the car felt funny, and then quite quickly really bad. Luckily, there was just enough space at the back of the lay-by opposite the hospital for me to pull in to.
We got out, and one of the back tyres was completely wrecked - totally flat and ripped. We were due for an appointment with the research nurse first, for Lucy to have some blood tests done, so we left the car where it was, and ran over to the hospital. While Lucy was being seen to, I rang Scott, and rang our breakdown company, from the corridor. It all worked out quite well. We managed to get through all Lucy's appointments, and had a bit of time to kill before the breakdown guy came.
He spent ages trying to get the tyre nuts undone, but finally managed it, and put our cute little yellow spare wheel on! Lucy and I then had to drive back home, with the wrecked wheel on Lucy's lap, because there was nowhere else it would fit!
Even the drive home was interesting, because we had loads of rain, and the roads were starting to flood!

In the afternoon, Lucy came with me on the school run to collect Tom and Harry, and we decided to go and check out the golf course, which had flooded!

I thought it was cute to sail the umbrella, upside down, Winnie-the Pooh-style, until it started to drift out of reach. I managed to get it back from the end of the summer house... just!

The rest of November was as busy as usual - Stake Council Meeting, Deacon/Beehive Forum, cleaning the chapel, on the 8th I went on a Driving Course held at the Race Course, for when we'd got a speeding ticket. I thought it was brilliant actually - and really got a lot from it. We had a Musical Extravaganza on Friday 16th, which I sang with the Youth in, Lucy had an eye test done on 21st - with drops put in her eyes which made her pupils massive!! They then take photographs of the back of her eyes to see how the blood vessels are doing. We had Bletchley Ward Conference, and we did a Stake Youth Fireside.
I have not found life particularly easy of late - have found it hard to feel happy for sustained periods. I had quite a few talks with President Hirst around this time, which did help, but were part of a long process of feeling better.

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