Sunday, 8 December 2013

December 2012

In December, I bought myself some Copic pens - alcohol based felt-tips which blend very well. I just bought a few to start with, and then added to them as I worked out what colours blended best (there are hundreds to choose from.) Here are a couple of stamped images I coloured in with them first, on the 8th December.

Something Maldad (our 'Elf on the Shelf') got up to on 8th December - graffitiing our pictures with white board pens!

On the 9th December, I made a commitment during the passing of the Sacrament at church, that I would properly read my scriptures and pray everyday without fail for the coming week. A week felt perfectly do-able, and I kept to it. The next Sunday, I made the same commitment again. (I'm actually writing this blog post in January 2015, and have continued to make the same commitment every week since. I haven't missed a single day of reading the scriptures and saying my prayers since 9th December 2012.)

On 14th December I had a great time going ice-skating with all the Youth and leaders from church!

On the 16th December it was Tom's 10th birthday. He had had a birthday party on Jack's birthday - the 8th December, but on his actual birthday I didn't get round to making him a birthday cake.
The kids weren't very impressed with this, and jumped on the band wagon of bemoaning every single birthday they had ever had where I had not baked and decorated a cake for them!
They came to the conclusion that if you added together their ages for all the cakes they had missed, it came to 53 years! They decided to make their own birthday cake to celebrate all 53 years, only we didn't have 53 candles, so they had to make do with 68 - 15 candles! I thought it was hilarious!!!
They made a triple layer cake, decorated with chocolate icing, chocolate and fudge sprinkles, and shortbread snowflakes. The masterpiece:
Also on the 16th December, I had to speak at our Ward Youth Fireside. I prepared quite a bit for it, and found it quite a spiritual experience.

Some of the Christmas cards I made this year.

On the 22nd of December Lucy was a bit sad, as she finally filled up her first ever sharps bucket (for insulin needles) and we needed to hand it over to the clinic for disposal. She had decorated it with transport scrapbooking stickers etc, and felt quite sentimental and attached to it!

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