Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas 2012

I had a pretty rough time in the week leading up to Christmas, but on Christmas Eve Scott took Harry and Tom to a play place in the morning, and Lucy and Jack to see 'Life of Pi' in the evening (Jack says it's the best book he's read, and loved the film too.)
I worked hard all day tidying the house and getting things prepared for Christmas day, but I paced myself OK, so I didn't get stressed.
I started to feel Christmassy when Lucy, Jack and I went to Tesco and got some last minute presents. I was really glad! I hadn't felt Christmassy at all up till then.
The tree ready on Christmas Eve.

 Everything prepared for Christmas dinner.

On Christmas Day morning we were just by ourselves, which was lovely. I'd woken up at about 2am and couldn't sleep very well after that! (Excited!)
The kids enjoyed their presents and were calm and happy... And Gary Barlow popped by for a visit...

 (Well... calm-ish...)

Scott with a new handset for his phone!

The lovely aftermath.

Mum and Dad came at about 11am, and we ate at about 2.30pm, and we just chatted and relaxed for the rest of the day. I was so glad it felt Christmassy and special, and not just another day, after a load of stress. Mum and Dad headed home at 7.30pm.

On Boxing Day, we travelled to Mum and Dad's in Nottingham, and stayed for the night. Katy and Dan, and John and Hannah were there too (I'm not sure where we all squashed in!!)
In the evening we went down to Katy's rowing club just by Nottingham Forest football stadium on the Trent. She had the keys to it, and it was empty apart from us.
We had fun on the rowing machines, and had a race which nearly killed us all!

Then we down to the practice boat, and Katy gave us a lesson. It was fun!

After that we had a walk down the Trent, under Trent Bridge, and as far as the Suspension Bridge.

On the 27th December, we just hung out watching telly and chatting, before driving back home, during which Scott and I had a really good talk about deep stuff.

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