Monday, 24 June 2013

End of Term, July 2012

We had various things going on in the week or so leading up to the end of the Summer Term - Harry's school assembly, the school Barn Dance (I was on the Parent's Association), I went on a hike near Belvoir Castle on the 14th with Paul Krawczyk and Richard Malachowski to check out the route ahead of the Youth camps, Bedford Ward Conference, the missionaries for dinner, etc.

Here are the cards which Harry wrote for his school Teaching Assistants... (I love his fancy writing in each one!)
Term ended on 20th July, and the next week Harry and Tom went to 'Jump' every afternoon from 2pm till 5pm - activities run by the local village church.
On Tuesday 24th July, we had beautiful weather, and the kids had great fun having a waterfight in the back garden...
Harry keeping a safe distance from the action, on the patio.
 Afterwards the kids all hung out and had dinner on the trampoline.

On 25th July, we had Book Club at the Martin's house in Alconbury.
(Back row L-R: Dawn Cryer, Hannah Martin, Patr Kitchen, Linda Larsen, me, Clare Garrick, Lynn Watford.
Front Row L-R: Anna Conway, Susannah Butikofer, Jo Waters and Emma Malachowski.)

On Saturday 28th July, we drove to Warwick to meet up with the Cryers for a Family Reunion. Les and Sue were over from Canada, and it was just great to be with everyone - had a lovely day. We had a picnic first, then afterwards re-grouped near the park area.
 Some of the boys playing football.
 Jack and Harry found a tree to climb, of course...

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