Thursday, 27 June 2013

Stone Henge and Longleat Safari Park

A couple of days after the football match in Manchester, we headed off on our Summer Holidays, on Wednesday 8th August 2012. First of all we drove to Stone Henge. We didn't pay to got right up to it, but walked along the fence for a bit. It was enough to give the kids the idea of it anyway. It started to drizzle, and Harry was pretty grumpy!
Then we went to Longleat Safari Park, using tickets got with Tesco Clubcard points. It was set in beautiful grounds, and seemed very 'Downton Abbey'-ish.
First of all we went and watched a bird show. It was brilliant fun, with huge owls and vultures etc. flying so close over our heads we had to duck!
Scott feeding the slobbery deer!
Then we went and each held a tarantula, and snake.
Longleat also has the UK's largest hedge maze - and it really was quite something!! The older kids headed off and the rest of us just got totally lost, and headed back to the beginning, buying a postcard with a picture of the maze on. I can't remember if it was much help, and Scott even tried phoning Lucy for help (no reception though). We eventually made it to the tower in the centre, long after the older kids.
We then wandered through various enclosures, including the butterfly one. We had fun holding them, and wandering round. My favourite was a huge irridescent blue one, but I couldn't capture a picture of it. We bid a hasty retreat after Jack inadvertently killed two of the specimens, by standing on them... oops!
The kids loved feeding the birds from little pots of nectar.
We then queued for a little while, to go on one of the river boats, and see the gorillas, hippos and seals.
Then had a nice trip on the little train.
After doing everything in the main area near the house, we drove to see the giraffes and zebras, then round the safari park (keeping out of the monkey enclosure, where we could see monkeys pulling off bits of people's cars!) It was a lovely evening, and really great driving through the gorgeous parkland, seeing all kinds of deer, antelope, camels, and other animals which I haven't got a clue what they were.
We then drove through the Big Cat enclosure. The kids thought this sign was hilarious for some reason!
We got to see some of the lions, tigers and wolves quite close up. They are pretty impressive.
After that we went to a Hungry Horse for tea, then drove to a Travelodge on the outskirts of Glastonbury, to stay the night.

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