Monday, 24 June 2013

Olympic Football at Old Trafford

On Saturday 4th August, we traveled to Nottingham, left the kids with my Mum and Dad, and then picked up my brother Robin, his son Adam, and friend Martin Devine, and traveled to Manchester.
Robin had got us all tickets to see the Quarter Final Men's Football of the Olympics, held at Manchester United's ground Old Trafford. We knew that Japan and Egypt had got through, so decided to support Japan!
We were really lucky to be able to park our car in a parking space which had been saved for us, outside the house of the Father-in-Law of someone who Scott works with!! (Good example of 'It's not what you know, but who'!) They live within easy walking distance of Old Trafford, and as we got closer to Old Trafford, the streets filled up... it was great fun and a great atmosphere! (This was the first football match I have ever been to!)
I had made a Japan flag, and matching T-shirt! For a while there, I was thinking I was THE only Japan supporter!
Martin and I had to queue for a while to get our bags through security, then we met up with the others a few minutes into the game. We had what we thought were brilliant seats, right on the front row by one of the corners.

It was just so much fun to be at an Olympic event! There was such a great feeling in the stadium!
Scott joining in a Mexican wave! We were great supporters!
Wonderful happy atmosphere.. and the guy with the red face and hole for it in a cardboard Japan flag...
We got to see some close-up action,
and some Yellow Card action.
Adam was as good as gold, and taking it all in.
The army of Japanese reporters with very impressive camera equipment!
Martin, Robin and Adam.
At one point, we were on the televised coverage of the match... you can see Scott on the left in a light blue shirt (I am behind the ref, with the white T-shirt and arm sticking out), and there is Martin in black. Robin was in full view too, but I can't find a picture with him in too - this one is just from Martin's facebook profile picture. What a laugh!!
Japan won!! We were cheering like loonies, waving my flag, and the Japan team definitely waved at us, at the end!
It's a BIG place.
Afterwards, we went for a wander down to the Manchester Ship Canal in Trafford Park.
It's all been developed really nicely, and had a super Olympic atmosphere about the place.
The Imperial War Museum (North) building, which opened in 2002, and has won awards for its architecture.
The BBC building.
 Bit of posing on one of the bridges...
We then went into the Imperial War Museum, and up the tower. It's all constructed at weird angles, and is open to the air, and feels very high up!
Great view from it!
We also went round the inside, before wandering back to the car and driving back to Nottingham. What a fabulous day!!
We stayed the night at Mum and Dad's and went to church in Nottingham the next day, and hung around with everyone in the afternoon.
My niece Bobbie, on the rocking horse Tom got for his 1st birthday from Scott's Mum and Dad!
 Me combing Scott's hair for some reason!
Cousins having a good time in the garden.

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Anna Stephenson said...

I love how Dan is reading the car pricing guide and yet they didn't buy a car until nearly a year later! You had fantastic seats, looks like you had a great time,